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1st Annual Seerah Conference (Vancouver)


The month of Rabi’ ul Awwal is indeed a very blessed month in the Islamic calendar as it was the month the Messenger (peace be upon him) came and eliminated the darkness that humanity was wandering in aimlessly. For this reason, in this month the community should come together and commemorate his blessed journey and take life bearing lessons from it.

After coming to BC a year ago, I saw a vacuum in this area which I felt had to be filled and with the grace of Allah, this year Allah enabled me to take this initiative and He allowed the conference to come into existence. The scholars and the public, in general, showed their complete moral and financial support and within a span of four weeks, this event was able to come together.

Through Allah’s mercy, this conference had an outpouring support from the community with an attendance of over 300 guests. There was a beautiful recitation of the Quran by Hafiz Khalid followed by the recital of Qasidah Burdah by Sufian in praise of the Messenger (Peace be upon him). We were also honoured to have 3 esteemed Scholars to deliver speeches on various aspects of the Prophet’s life. Shaykh Anees Abdul Wahab, the co-founder of Darul Quran Institute and who was there with me throughout the journey providing his input and insight for this conference, spoke on the difficult times the Prophet (Peace be upon him) had endured in his early days elaborating on the story of Taif and ‘the year of grief’. Shaykh Adnan, a scholar and an academic, made the tremendous journey from Seattle for this conference and he spoke on the evolution of beauty and the wisdom behind the magnificent and mesmerizing beauty of the Messenger (peace be upon him).

Thereafter, remembering the demise of the Messenger, the couplets of Hassan Ibn Thaabit (r.a) were recited. The uniqueness of this conference was that the audience was able to question a panel of well-versed scholars who would answer each one very effectively. There was a portion of the event allocated to individuals who came up and shared their personal experience on how the ‘Life of the Prophet’ impacted their personal lives. The event was finally concluded with a brief reminder from the most senior scholar of BC, the foundation of the Muslim community, Qari Abdul Wahab (May Allah preserve him) and he terminated the conference with a heart-warming supplication to Allah the Almighty. A delicious dinner was served before the audience could disperse and bid farewell for the night.

By the grace of Allah, this event created an evening of inspiration, love and inclination towards the beloved, the teacher, the father, the husband and the friend Muhammad (Peace be upon him). In Shaa Allah, the Seerah Conference will take place on an annual basis in the month of Rabi' ul Awwal and I pray that Allah continues to shower his mercy and the community continues to support this cause in whichever capacity they can. I would like to thank all the speakers, the scholars and all the attendees for coming and showing the love embedded in their hearts for the Messenger (peace be upon him). 

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: You shall be (in the hereafter) with whom you love (Sahih Al-Bukhari)