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Hats off to the Muslim Business Council


Recently I attended a fundraiser in support of the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.  It was put on by the Muslim Business Council (MBC).  This is not something new.  The MBC has been contributing to worthy causes for many years, including raising critical dollars for both Surrey Memorial Hospital and Royal Columbian Hospital. 

We scan the pages of our community papers weekly to see what’s happening around town in our community.  More often than not, we read about some tragedy and view photos of some vigil.  It’s almost as if we race to put on vigils nowadays.  While we must show sympathy and solidarity against acts of terror that are perpetrated around the world, we also must take stock of our collective state within the societies we call home. 

It’s great to reminisce, but even more rewarding to be part of something that is proactive.  Who hasn’t had to make a trip to a hospital?  The men and women providing care at these places do important work.  In many cases, they are undervalued and work in less than ideal conditions.  But they carry on, knowing that people, the diverse people of the lower mainland rely on some cases it’s a life and death scenario.

So hats off to the Muslim Business Council for persevering as our community grows and as our businesses mature.  I encourage all businesses to join and strengthen the MBC.  A strong MBC is good for us all and the work done by MBC reflects on all of us.  So while you may have not contributed to one of the many great causes the MBC has supported, you have benefitted from the masses knowing Muslims do help our institutions and have the capacity to be philanthropic.

Please accept that a majority of your progeny will live on here.  If not in the lower mainland, then maybe somewhere else in Canada.  But we should be willing to help towards those causes that help build and strengthen our communities....initiatives that MBC promotes!