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Ride for Ramadhan Tour 2019


By the grace of Allah, on April 27 & 28 brothers from the Muslim Riders Club undertook the 3rd Annual “Ride for Ramadhan Tour”

The purpose of this tour was to bring an awareness of the approaching blessed month of Ramadhan. Many times, we are so focused on worldly and materialistic objectives that we lose our purpose in life.

At each stop, our scholars in light of Qur’an and Sunnah mentioned how our beloved Prophet SAW prepared his body and mind for this holy month. Advices were given to the local communities on how to maximize our worship and remembrance of Allah daily.

The community got the opportunity to see and sit on the motorcycles, ask about safe riding techniques and why they ride! The youth especially, were ecstatic and full of joy experiencing the event!

On Saturday April 27 the bikers visited:

Masjid Al Salam Burnaby
Marpole Musallah
Ajyal Centre
Masjid Omer Al Farooq
Jamia Masjid Vancouver

On Sunday April 28 the bikers visited:

Masjid Umar Al Farooq Seattle, WA USA
Blaine Islamic Centre WA USA

May Allah reward all the Masaajid who hosted us.

We pray and ask Allah ‘azza-wajal to accept our efforts and to forgive us for any shortcomings that may have incurred during this tour.

And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.

Special thanks to the brothers who joined us:
Tariq Qureshi
Tahir Sattar
Shaykh Islamullah
Shaykh Oves
Inamullah Khokhar
Omer Elwan
Omer al Khaleedi
Haseeb Waraich
Hussein kothiwala
Imran Chandel
Adil patel
Mohsin Shah
Hassan Tahir
Shaykh Anees