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Disgraceful Silence on Morsi’s Martyrdom


The Muslim world suffered a great lose last week when Egypt’s only democratically elected present Mohammed Morsi collapsed and died, following a court hearing on June 17, 2019. Morsi’s rise and fall demonstrates the western nations utter hypocrisy, especially of United States, wanting the removal of despots and dictators in the Middle-east and establishing democracy in the Arab world. It is no more than a lip service. French publication Politics summed it up beautifully, in their June 20 edition: “With respect to Morsi, the most established Western democracies, France included, could have at least defended a principle. They remained silent. Democracy is definitely a concept with a variable geometry.”

The western leaders utter silence on Morsi’s death from Amsterdam to Zurich, not Tweet from the madman in Washington. It has not gone unnoticed. Robert Fisk wrote, “Those who claim to represent us were mute, speechless, as sound-proofed as Morsi was in his courtroom cage and as silent as he is now in his Cairo grave.”

What the western leader’s deafening silence on Morsi’s death tells us is that the west wishes to erase any historic reference of democracy which existed in Egypt, even if it was for a year. If Morsi had not been elected, no one would ever hear or known about his death, and he would have died, like thousands of others do every year in the Middle-east, just as an ordinary individual aspiring for the betterment of his people and his nation.

The west does not want a stability and peace in the Middle-east. What the western nations really want is to replace the despots and dictators in the Middle-east with puppet demagogues in disguise of democracy who would be able to manipulate things according to their commands and wishes.

This must have been a day of celebrations the so-called democrats of the west who often speak loudly against the tyrants that rule the Middle-east but have yet to put their money where their mouth is in dethroning them. Some of them may have even mumbled good riddance.

We all now realized, Egypt was just a test trial by the west, following the “Arab Spring” – series of protests by the masses seeking removal of dictators in 2011. In case of Egypt, it was removal of Hosni Mubarak, whom had ruled over Egypt for nearly three decades with an iron fist.

U.S. grossly miscalculated the will of Egypt’s electorates. By June 2012, Egyptians were to experience for the first time, and for the foreseeable future, it seems as if their last taste of electing a democratic leader. Much to U.S. dismay the people of Egypt elected not a U.S. backed demagogue, rather handing a majority to the Muslim Brotherhood, with President. Mohammed Morsi at its helm.

Morsi was no ordinary leader. From the onset he became a thorn among the neighbouring leaders. He defied everything which the current U.S. and western backed despots and dictators represent.

Morsi was a people’s person. A Ph.D graduate in engineering from U.S. a professor. He had memorized the entire Quran. He refused to live in the presidential palace and opted to live in a rented apartment. He was the lowest paying world leader while in the office. His annual salary was merely $10,000 U.S., which was deposited into his account, but he never made a withdrawal from that account. He would attend the dawn prayers (Fajr) and weekly Friday congregation at his local neighbourhood mosque and was often seen mingling with the locals and attentively hear their concerns.

This of course represented a big threat to neighbouring despots. Especially if the democracy was to flourish in Egypt and if their people started to see the fruits of democracy, a government of the people, for the people, and by the people would create havoc for their own existence. Not to mention, the U.S. could not even fathom the notion of Muslim nations lead by someone their own who would not take cues from Washington, London, Paris, or Brussels.

He had to be removed. So, in less than eighteen months where U.S. once staged an anti Hosni Mubarak campaign, it went back in, supporting a coup-d’état, removing Morsi and installing, yet, once again a puppet dictator by the name of Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi, who would be willing to act on the instruction of a master in Washington. A military general, which the U.S. continues to back.

Morsi was thrown in one of the worst prisons in Egypt, known as scorpion and kept in a solitary confinement for the next six years, and was only allowed to meet his family only three times during six years. He was tried before a kangaroo court, on trumped up charges of espionage and sentenced to death until his mysterious and suspicious death where his voice was muffled in a sound proof cage, in which he collapsed and later pronounced dead. He was buried in cover of the night at a secret location, and only his family could attend the burial.  

During six years in prison, he was denied medical assistance, despite the fact he was seriously ill. Last year, an inquiry led by British lawyers and MPs reviewed the conditions of Dr. Morsi’s detention and concluded that his incarceration constituted “a cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment”, warning that the likely outcome of such a treatment would be his death.

The only world leader courageous enough to take a principled stance on Morsi’s death was Turkish President Rajab Erdogan. President Erdogan pledged that “in the same way that we did not allow the murder of the late Jamal Khashoggi to be forgotten, we will never allow Morsi’s tragedy to be forgotten.”

To many western leaders and his nemesis his arch nemesis Al-Sisi, he was a thorn, and better dead than alive. Morsi however was not afraid of death. In fact, he once told his Egyptian-Canadian physician and academic Wael Haddara, that if he could navigate Egypt towards democracy, he expected to be assassinated. His suspicious death was no less than an assassination.

To millions of people, inside Egypt and within the Muslim world he is a martyr. The man who refused to surrender, which his nemesis wanted him to do – disown and abandon Muslim Brotherhood – which he adamantly refused. To them he is a martyr. Every martyr death represents a cause. His cause will not be forgotten. There will be many more Morsi who will be willing to take up his incomplete mission.

May Allah have Mercy upon his soul. He will be dearly missed.