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Imran Khan First Prime Ministerial visit: a new historical milestone


The spiritual and visionary founding father of Pakistan, Dr. Mohammed Allama Iqbal, the poet of the east once wrote a couplet, “For a thousand years the narcissus has been lamenting its blindness; With great difficulty the one with true vision is born in the garden.” Such has become the fate of Pakistan. Like the children of Israel, who roamed the desert for some forty plus years after being liberated from the shackles of Pharaoh. Similarly, Pakistan, the only nation in the world created in the name of Islam, billed as one of the biggest human migration in human history, since the Children of Israel departure from Egypt, where nearly six million Muslims migrated from India have been searching of a true, honest, inspirational, and sincere leader who could lead them to glory, and establishment of a true Islamic state, which its founding fathers Allama Iqbal, and Mohammed Ali Jinnah had envisioned.

For seventy years Pakistan has been ruled by military and civilians’ despots and demagogues and kept within few family dynasties. Together they have tried multiple forms of governments, democracy, civilian rule, martial law, civil martial law. All the while its wealth pilfered its citizens deprived of fundamental human necessities.

The prayers of Pakistanis longing for a true, dynamic, inspirational, honest and sincere leader were fulfilled in the form of Mr. Imran Khan, was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan by a popular vote.

An athlete, a politician, a philanthropist, a Prime Minister, an officer, a gentleman, and most certainly a Rock Star who manages to gather crowds of millions in Pakistan and that is precisely what he did on July 22, in Washington, D.C. Capital One Arena – holding one of the largest political rally in American history, as 30,000 Pakistani-Americans, and Canadians packed the capital One Arena, “gathered at the filled-to-the-rafters,” as one of the newspapers described. The noise of which certainly rocked Donald Trump’s White House and its surroundings, and the echoes of it could still be heard.

He recorded a new historical milestone not only for Pakistan but for all the world leaders. To demonstrate the austerity measure he has taken to ensure Pakistan becomes self-sufficient, and self-reliant not needing a western handout. He travelled to his official U.S. visit on a commercial jet and took the city train to the Pakistan embassy.

In past Pakistani politicians have kept promising the Pakistanis that they would convert Pakistan into a western or American style country. Mr. Khan concerted Washington into Islamabad. Sending a clear message to Trump that he is the most popular leader of Pakistan and an Oxford Graduate, he knows the game of International diplomacy and politics.

His vision for Pakistan is no secret to anyone who knows even little bit about his twenty-two years struggle to lead Pakistan – End corruption, establish a just and welfare estate, the one that mimics the State of Madinah, which the Prophet established after migrating from Makkah.  

In his speech at Capital One he reminded the Pakistanis, 23 yrs ago, PM Imran Khan concluded his very first jalsa on this note:
“Never have I bowed before anyone other than Allah. And In Sha Allah, never will I let my nation bow before anyone”

During his 23 year struggle he lamented Pakistani leadership of being fearful of White House and has repeatedly told Pakistanis that if he ever gets an opportunity, he will talk to the president looking straight into his eyes as an equal. Well on the eve of meeting U.S. President he asked the Pakistanis “What do you want me to say to President Trump Tomorrow, when I meet him?”

He is the first Pakistani leader to raise the issue of Kashmir before a sitting U.S. President. On which President Trump offered to mediate between the two-waring nation on the issue of Kashmir. An offer, which India swiftly rejected it.

According to an Indian Journalist, PM Imran Khan has obliterated India’s ten-year narrative against Pakistan in just one day.

PM Imran Khan has recalibrated Pak-U.S. relationship shifting the focus away from India and has brought Pakistan back in as a major player.

PM Imran Khan also met with the members of Congress, and he told the congress without mincing his words, "I hope that we again get back to the relationship [we had] that was based on closeness, on trust, on mutual respect."

"Pakistan is not understood here; specifically, from the last 15 years, when this 'War on Terror' was being fought in Afghanistan and on the borders of Pakistan.

"What I hope is that, by the time I leave, I will have made people here understand our point of view."

He arrived at Islamabad Airport on Wednesday, where he received a hero’s welcome. A large crowd had gathered in the middle of the night awaiting his arrival. He addressed his people he said, I feel like I haven’t return from an international visit rather I have returned as if I have won the world cup for Pakistan.

He reminded the people as to why this only Islamic nation created in the name of Islam came into existence on a holy day,  27th Ramadan, and how we need to refocus our energies in trying to ensure a true, Islamic welfare state and by following upon the Quran and Sunnah how we can reclaim our lost glory.