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Sarjit Saran For Surrey Centre



Sarjit Saran started his campaign on Sunday, September-15-19 from his campaign office in Whalley Surrey. He will be running against current MP Randeep Sarai.

Sarjit was born and raised in the Cowichan Valley, Sarjit moved to Surrey to attend university and never left. After 20 years in the community, he’s ready to represent the people of Surrey in Parliament and fight to make life more affordable for everyone.
A human resources professional by trade, Sarjit sees daily the challenges Canadians face at work and at home. He’s committed to creating good quality jobs that help Canadian families make ends meet.

Sarjit is driven to build a Canada that works for everyone – not just the super-rich. He will be a strong voice in Ottawa for affordable housing, green public transit, and pharmacare for everyone.

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