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Masjid Elections Process needs an update


Respected BCMA Council Members

I would like to bring your attention towards an important concern that should be considered in order for us to keep our Muslim Ummah united.

As we know, the BCMA holds an election process every two years at the Masjid level and for the BCMA council under the Constitution of BCMA; this election system is an opportunity for an individual to put his/her name forward to serve the community under the democratic system that we live in. This is a great system for Political positions in all levels of government and is also an acceptable process for community organizations, however, the election at the Masjid level is creating divisions, groupings, hatred, and back biting of one another inside the Masjids . We, as Muslims, are here from all over the world and we can not deny the facts of differences in origin, culture or tradition but nothing can or should divide us on our religious ( Islamic) practices.

Masj ids should not be taken as a political platform, these are the house of Allah; managing of the affairs of the Masjid is not a political position and should not be used to gain fame. Members of the community are putting so much energy and resources into ensuring that they, or members of their choice, are a part of the committee at any cost.

Each election at the Masjid level, we inch towards Brothers and Sisters liking and/or disliking each other, despite all being in agreement in saying that an election process should not be in place, and as such we should avail the option of having a SHURA through which we can give the organization and managing of the Masjid’s responsibilities to members who are qualified for the role. Availing this process will IN SHA Allah help us to keep our community united.

As Muslims of British Columbia, we can not close our eyes to the fact that we don’t have any Muslim representation in municipal, provincial or even federal government; we should work hard and strive to be a part of the Canadian political system rather than politicizing the Masjids.

We should work with political parties, spend time and money and if an opportunity arises, we should put forth our name as candidates. We have no achievements in Canadian politics and we are not introducing our children to those areas either.

I would like to make a humble request to the members of the BCMA Council; please review your constitution and make any necessary changes to create SHURA Committees in the Masjids, as this is the Islamic way of managing the affairs of the house of Allah. May Allah accept our good deeds (Ameen)