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'‘Women Who named the Unnamed: Pakistan’s & Local Women Heroes’


Surrey Muse Arts Society (SMAS) is presenting a groundbreaking program titled ‘Women Who Named the Unnamed: Pakistan’s & Local Women Heroes’ (Sept 28, 6 – 9 PM, Centre Stage, Surrey City Hall). It is a three-hour stage show recognizing 15 distinguished women from Pakistan, Surrey and Vancouver, who have made substantial contributions to the development of our communities through literature, art, scholarship and activism. In addition, we are recognizing a Surrey Woman of Courage. More is at the link below:

Our distinguished guests for the evening are Sunera Thobani, Harsha Walia, Surjeet Kalsey, Darshan Maan, Indigenous scholar/historian Deanne Reder, and, Katheren Szabo, the Surrey Woman of Courage. The stage show is geared by short videos and hosted by five talented women. More about the Hosts.

This program deserves your attention because for the first time in Surrey, it creates and holds space for Pakistani women, Punjabi women, South Asian women and Women of Color, as it helps us shed some myths about Muslim women. Also, it is a prototype that’ll be videographed to be screened in other places in BC and Canada, in Europe and USA. View our goals and objectives: