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Get Ready To VOTE!


Get Ready To VOTE!

“To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain.” Louis L’Amour.

Each election seasons, federal, provincial, and municipal, AlAmeen Post has always been at the forefront of encouraging our community members to participate in an electoral process. We believe, this is the best way to have our concerns heard and addressed. As Dolores Huerta once said, “If people don’t vote, everything stays the same. You can protest until the sky turns yellow, or the moon turns blue, and its not going to change anything if you don’t vote.”

However, simply voting is not enough. There is Voting, and there is successful and meaningful Voting. Successful voting is a science that requires mastery in all aspects of voting. In order to ensure your vote ultimately counts you must master all aspects of voting. Don’t just be an out of sight, out of mind voter. Be seen and be heard voter. Don’t be an “Undecided Voter” till the end, and mark your ballot based on some luck of the draw – Eenie Meenie Miney Mo.

We need to accept the fact that we are Canadian and our choices will have an immense impact on Canadian domestic issues such as taxes, healthcare, education, defence, pension, old age security, debt, deficit, etc. As well as international policies whether it be party’s stand on dispute in Palestine, or Kashmir. We need to evaluate our choices not only from the Muslim perspective, or respective nationalistic perspective, but rather from a Canadian citizen perspective, and decide based on that.

What exactly does it mean to be a “be seen and be heard voter?”

Be Present: The very first step towards a voter whose vote wold ultimately be counted, you need to go out and volunteer with your local representative of your choice, even if it is for only few hours. If your choice ultimately does win and goes on to represent your constituency in the House of Commons. He or she is most likely to remember your efforts and services in the future and it would be more attuned to any concerns you may have in future or have discussed with them during the campaign. Let your candidate know about your concerns and why you are volunteering towards their success. It simply boils down to, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Be an Informed and Educated Voter: Another successful step towards an informed and educated voter is to attend the all candidates debates that are being held throughout your constituencies on daily basis. This is where you not only get to learn about the issues other people in your constituency may have. You can also highlight your issues and find out which candidate best responds to the need of your immediate community or neighbourhood. This is the best place to learn where each candidate and possibly each party stands. This is the best opportunity for voters to decide which candidate or party they wish to support.  

Another aspect of being an informed and educated voter is to ensure you go and meet each candidate at their respective offices. This applies to even those who are already see themselves as “Decided Voter” or affiliated with a political party. It never hurts to learn about other candidates and where they stand. This would allow you to experience and possibly develop an understanding with a candidate whom you had previously written off. Remember, you want your elected representative to be accessible and approachable, when you need them, especially, after October 21st. We shop around and compare prices for our undergarments. Than why not for the person who will be our voice in the House of Commons for the next four years.

Remember there is a misconception among political parties and candidates that certain ethnic communities only support a certain party, or they never support us. We are telling you from our own experiences in past when holding all candidates debates or inviting members to attend certain community events and candidates or elected officials have refused to participate based on their misconception about our community as not being supportive of their party or agenda. We need to neutralize that misunderstanding. The only way to do is by meeting each candidate and at least listen to their point of view.

Make sure each eligible voter in your household is a registered to voter with Elections Canada. All information a voter needs to register, along with list of candidates, candidates contact information, and website links are available on The last day to register with Elections Canada is October 15, 2019. Even if you have not registered, you can register yourself on the day of elections by bringing with you appropriate ID. All information is available on above-mentioned website.

Encourage others to do the same. Take a friend along with you. Talk to your children. Allow your children to make their own choices. Do not impose your will at them. If your nineteen-year-old child thinks that climate change is the most important issue for them and wishes to support the party with the best climate change policy, so be it. Yes, every vote matter. However, what is important is what matters to your child, and not you.

Once you have made  and informed and educated choice as the best fit for your constituency, then make a financial contribution to their campaign. Nothing is more important than donating to a candidate you wish to support. As the saying goes, put your money where your mouth is. The candidate will remember your generous donations.

Don’t wait until the last minute to vote. If you have decided whom you wish to support, there are plenty of opportunity for advance voting. Visit Elections Canada website to find out dates, times and locations for advance voting. Advance voting can be done at any Elections Canada office at any time until October 21st, 2019.

Lastly, if you are able to take a day off on October 21st, than do so and volunteer at the campaign office of your choice of candidate.  Your candidate needs all the help they can get, and they are surely to appreciate it.