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What's at stake in the 2019 federal election?


Canadian Muslims across the country know that this election presents both a challenge and an opportunity: a challenge for our safety and security as Islamophobia heightens in public discourse during elections, and an opportunity for us to make our voices heard on issues that impact our communities.

At the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) we are cognizant of both of these realities. We hold any politician to account who uses Islamophobia to play a dangerous political game of division and fear. And we ensure that a Canadian Muslim voice is heard on policies and political platforms.

As part of our critical work advocating for Muslim communities, I am very pleased to announce the NCCM 2019 Federal Election Guide. This guide outlines key issues that have been raised by Canadian Muslims from coast to coast. We take a deep dive into the policy issues that Canadian Muslims will be paying attention to in this election and we call on all political parties to adopt the recommendations made in this guide into their platforms.

There is no doubt that federal leaders must take a strong and unwavering stance against Islamophobia. However, in order to truly commit to fighting Islamophobia, hate and discrimination in Canada, we need to take action.

NCCM recommends that these actions focus on addressing deeply concerning violations of human rights and civil liberties, and ensuring the security of all Canadians.

If you have any questions about this federal election guide, please reach out. Together, this election we all have an opportunity to commit to working towards a better Canada.