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Canadian Federal Leaders Debate 2019 Highlights



Monday October 7th – Canadians had a chance to have some insight about the issues affecting all Canadians and the position 6 major parties have on those issues. This was the first leaders' debate in English to feature all six major federal party leaders as follows;

1.    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

2.    Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

3.    NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

4.    Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet

5.    Green Party Leader Elizabeth May

6.    People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier

The five main themes were:

  1. Affordability and economic insecurity;
  2.  National and global leadership;
  3.  Indigenous issues;
  4. Polarization, human rights and immigration; and
  5. Environment and energy

Some Memorable quotes and highlights of the debate are as follows;

The not so good tit for tat

“Justin Trudeau only pretends to stand up for Canada. He’s very good at pretending things,” Scheer said. “He can’t even remember how many times he put blackface on because the fact of the matter is he’s always wearing a mask.”

“Mr. Trudeau, you are a phoney and a fraud and you do not deserve to represent this country.” Andrew Scheer

Scheer says to Bernier “you have changed... you are someone who tries to get likes and retweets from the darkest part of Twitter.”

Trudeau Replying Bernier’s presence in the debate was “to say publicly, what Mr. Scheer thinks privately.”

Scheer says he has “nothing to learn from Mr. Trudeau” for firing Indigenous cabinet minister, says he cancelled two pipelines.

"You seem to be oddly obsessed with provincial politics. There is a vacancy for the Ontario Liberal leadership, and if you are so focused on provincial politics go and run for the leadership of that party Mr. Trudeau."  Andrew Scheer

Climate Change

Trudeau ``The Canadian electorate has a choice between two parties with different views on climate change.   

"If this election is anything, it's about trust and ethics and we are in a climate emergency, we need grown-ups in the room to take responsibility" Elizabeth May

May says Paul Martin did more than Trudeau on climate change.

Jagmeet Singh Questions Justin Trudeau's climate plan. "What's it going to take to follow through on these commitments? Because your words are not good enough."

"At the People's Party, we are the only real environmentalist party." -Maxime Bernier

"You do not need to choose between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny. There is another option." On Climate Change Jagmeet Singh

Blanchet suggests that equalization formula be based on carbon emissions.

Bernier: “I believe there is no climate emergency.”

"Greta Thunberg is right: the house is on fire. Grown-ups then stand up and say, kids get to safety. We've got this, we'll take care of this from here." Elizabeth May

Bill 21

Trudeau says “I’m the only one who has said a federal government might have to didn’t say you would possibly intervene.” `to Jagmeet

Singh said that  “Every single day of my life is challenging people who think that you can’t do things because of the way you look,” Singh said

Blanchet taking on Scheer on Bill 21, asks how he would protect the bill? Scheer says he would not intervene in court case. Blanchet alleges Scheer wouldn’t protect it.

“You said that you didn’t want me to be here on the stage to have a discussion with you. You’re for diversity, but what about diversity of opinion?” Bernier said to Singh.

“Are you believing in free speech only when people are saying things that you want to hear?” Bernier said to Singh

``You are ideas are hurtful to Canada``, ``clearly see why I didn’t think you deserved a platform.”

“I’m going to Quebec and telling people, I want to be your prime minister,” Singh said

First Nations

Liberal government’s is appealing the ruling ordering compensation for First Nations children denied welfare services. “That is wrong, how could someone do that?” said Singh.

Singh on Trudeau`s decision to appeal it. “He wanted to keep SNC Lavalin out of the court, now he wants to drag Indigenous kids before the court.”

Elizabeth May to Trudeau "It's so heartbreaking for me to look at you today and know that you could have done so much more the last four years"  

“We need the kind of leadership that lifts people, that doesn’t make people feel as if politics is rather disgusting and they’d rather not look at it,” said May.


Canada's health accord needs to be renegotiated Elizabeth May

Blanchet tells Singh, over pharmacare and dental care, “You have good ideas” but those ideas interfere with provincial jurisdiction.

"A man has no position in a discussion on a woman's right to choose."  Jagmeet Singh


 “to examine our tax code, to see if it's still progressive, to see if the corporate boutique tax cuts that have piled up... are taking money away from those who need it most" Elizabeth May

Bernier says Scheer not a real conservative, will add $70 billion to debt in first two years.

"When those at the very top don't pay their fair hurts families." Jagmeet Singh on income inequality

"We need equalization in Canada because we're a country, we're a family" Jagmeet Singh

"cannot spend your way to prosperity." Elizabeth May opposes corporate subsidies

Some light moments

Trudeau mistakenly addresses Singh as “Mr. Scheer.” They both laugh about it. Trudeau jokes, “You look so alike, it’s difficult.”

"I wore a bright orange turban on purpose today. What does it take!" Jagmeet Singh

"Voting for Green MPs is your very best guarantee, Canada, that you don't get the government you least want" Elizabeth May

"Please God you don't get a majority this time round," Elizabeth May to Trudeau