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Jesus in Islam seminar series



*Volunteer Registration* -

This is the event launch and a free volunteer training workshop for our upcoming educational exhibition campaign called 'Jesus In Islam'.

We will be hosting a volunteer training session by Br Subboor Ahmad (IERA UK ) on *November 17th* where more details on the campaign will be shared. Venue is to be confirmed.

Jesus (peace be upon him), a Man, a Messenger, a Messiah - the son of Mary, is one of the most well-known personalities to ever exist. People of all faith (or no faith) have certain opinions and emotions towards him. This exhibition campaign takes a person on an unforgettable journey through the entire life of Jesus as illustrated within the Qur’an.

This campaign is an amazing opportunity to bridge the gaps between Muslims and non-Muslims by sharing how the teachings of Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them both) aim at guiding us to salvation by directing our devotion and worship to God alone.

The exhibitions will be set in many churches, mosques, public places on a weekly or bi-weekly basis starting from Lower Mainland and then all across BC.

Brothers and Sisters -

We have a *vision* - that by 2022 - every single person of understanding in Lower Mainland understands the message of Islam - by knowing the fundamental core values of Islam as manifested in the life of Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Our *Jesus In Islam* campaign is only one project that will bring us closer to achieving this vision. The story of Jesus (as) is not complete without the story of Muhammad (peace be upon him).

*Set your intentions* - with Allah's mercy and by uniting our intentions, we will take the message of Islam to every household by 2022. Bismillah!