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Human Concern International fundraiser to create awareness of the global water crisis.


The global problem
Currently, dirty water poses a great risk to people around the world. With natural disasters such as flood and hurricanes, political conflicts that gives rise to mass internal displacement and poverty as a constant issue, safe water is an essential need that is lacking. As stated by the World Health Organisation, 785 million people lack access to a basic drinking-water service, including 144 million people who are dependent on surface water (2019). This means people who do have access to water can still suffer from diseases incurred through the consumption of unsafe water.

The present problem: “Every day, 700 children die from diseases caused by unsafe water or inadequate sanitation.”- UNICEF

The future problem:  “By 2040, 1 in 4 children — 600 million children — will live in areas of extremely high water stress. The poorest, most disadvantaged children will suffer the most.” – UNICEF

Water is something many of us take for granted on a daily basis. With one turn of a tap or push of a button, liquid gold flows into our glasses quenching a thirst which never needs to be questioned. Is it safe? Is it contaminated? will this be the sip that kills me? All questions we aren't confronted with in our daily lives.

Access to clean water changes everything; when people gain access to clean water, they are able to practice good hygiene and sanitation. Children are in better health and more likely to go to school. Families and communities flourish.

HCI 2019 Water Campaign
Addressing this global issue was the focal point of a recent HCI Global Water Crisis Tour which extended across Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.

The event was held at MAC centre on 11 November 2019 and the Keynote speakers were Sister Razia Sultan Hamidi and Shaykh Alaa Elsayed, who reminded the attendees of our obligation, not only as Muslims but also as citizens of the world, to heed the urgency of this crisis. The Messenger of God (saw) was asked, “Which charity is best?” to which he replied, “[Providing] water.” (Abu Dawud).

HCI Global Water Crisis 2019 tour raised nearly $190,000 which will be provided to its partners for water projects in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

HCI’s previous water campaigns
Emergency Relief
HCI has been at the forefront of addressing many emergencies related to water around the world. In the year 2017, HCI was active in providing Emergency Drought Relief in Mogadishu, Somalia, while working in close collaboration with local NGOs.

Sanitary & Hygiene
In 2004, HCI partnered with UNICEF and built deep tube wells for nine schools and provided 61 toilets in ten school in Kunar Khas, Afghanistan. The first project included the construction of 23 wells and 69 latrines as well as a basic hygiene education and awareness program in Khas, Kunar District. More than 3200 people benefited from this project. The second project involved the construction of 60 latrines and nine deep wells. Six latrines were constructed in each of the ten schools in the district of Sarkano in Kunar province which benefitted 10000 children

Water Reservoir
HCI built a water Reservoir in Taran village, EL-Donnieh. 4000 inhabitants were receiving clean water. HCI completed a power generator project in Al-Batroun, Lebanon. The project was to install a 106 K.V.A power generator and provide clean water supply to Ras Nahash by constructing a 260-meter-deep artesian well complete with water reservoir and pipeline.

2019 Clean Water Campaign at a glance
This year HCI has set projects in motion to solve water crisis in different regions around the world. HCI’s campaign, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Campaign is designed to facilitate access to safe and affordable drinking water and promote high standards of sanitation and hygiene among all. HCI does this by building water wells and distributing sanitation and hygiene kits in rural areas.

WASH campaign
Solving the Water Crisis in India
HCI is aiming to address the water crisis in Bihar and West Bengal, India. HCI will construct 20 tube wells which will provide 20 families with access to clean and safe water.

Solving the Water Crisis in Pakistan
This project is addressing the water crisis affecting the population in Tharparkar, Sindh, and in the Burmese Colony in Karachi (the residences of this colony are Rohingya Muslim, who are very poor and living in unhygienic conditions). HCI will construct 7 wells in Tharparkar, and 6 in the Burmese Colony to provide access to clean and safe water for the families living in those areas.

HCI Field Visit all the way to Kenya

This year, HCI Director of Programs made a visit to the water well project in the Tana River County in Kenya. Human concern International built four water wells this year in the villages Madhingini, Ziwani, Bulla Nyuki, and Bakkuyu to help communities in these villages get access to clean drinking water.  The communities can now access clean drinking water readily that otherwise, would have taken them a painstaking number of hours, in walking 2-3 KM daily just to get clean water.

Hamza Malik, the Provincial Representative for HCI, who organised the event in MAC Centre said, “I am thrilled to see the turnout and the commitment of our local community, especially on a holiday evening. There is still an opportunity do your part in supporting this vital project. Please donate generously at our link:"

Also, a big thanks to all of the volunteers from the Simon Fraser University's Muslim Student Association, Nisa Helpline, the MAC Centre Team and the newly established Muslim Care Centre.

HCI is also extremely grateful to the services of Br Yasser Ezzat (Cairo Café) who not only catered a delicious meal for the event but also volunteered to help in food prep and serving the attendees. HCI would also like to thank Furquan Gehlen (World Beyond War) who helped in transporting and distributing extra food to the Muslim Care Centre in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside with the help of Adnan Akiel and his team late into the night.”