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Farooq Rai: Canadians of Pakistani origin need to effectively connect and share our particular background and heritage


1-Amidst the ever growing intolerance and misunderstanding, we the Canadians of Pakistani origin need to effectively connect and share our particular background and heritage. Positive intercultural interaction will enhance better understanding. We ought to be more diligent in our efforts to enhance our profile and image in order to counter prevailing negative and false impressions.

2-For many good reasons we need to preserve our unique identity and heritage in BC , particularly for the sake of our younger generation.

3- We should be aware of our role and contribution in Canada for the benefit of new comers. This acknowledgement and recognition instills in us the necessity of maintaining our identity and rightful sense of belonging to this land of immigrants.

As other ethnic groups have been in the forefront in highlighting their role and contribution , we as Canadians of Pakistani origin need to also share our particular achievement in the same vein. There are many success stories to be told.

Let there be no doubt in anyone's mind that we as proud Canadians of Pakistani origin are actively engaged in making Canada ever strong , safe and prosperous.

Those who are familiar with my efforts know that I have spend a fair amount energy and resources to accomplish some of our objectives. I have attempted to do so strictly from a citizen's perspective without affiliation or sponsorship of any political, religious or community organization. I remain optimistic and positive in spite of some challenges to continue with this aspiration. I have written articles to urge others that we should see beyond the celebration of 'Special Days' and embark also on other important arenas for the long term benefits of our community.
I wish we could genuinely collaborate in this process.

My second book entitled " The Journey Continues... ( Art- Related ) " launching ceremony in the mainstream will be taking place at the Richmond Cultural Center, Performance Hall on November Sunday, 24th ( 1 to 3PM ). The accompanying video and the docufilm " The Luminary " will also be premiered first time in British Columbia. It was shown earlier this year in Lahore , Pakistan. This also provides us an opportunity to highlight our unique cultural heritage and contribution for better understand and cross cultural harmonious relations.

Footnotes: Footnotes: Rai was appointed as the first Assistant Deputy Minister and Head of Ministry responsible for Multiculturalism and Immigration in 1994. Also, a writer and advocate in the community he is recognized for his dedicated volunteer work and efforts in promoting harmonious cross cultural relations. His unique collage art work also depicts his cultural and literary heritage with a message of peace and harmony.