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'Revenge- Retaliation-Retribution'


It seems humans are high wired with such human genome of revenge, retaliation and retribution that is proven two way street according to the humans who are used to living in the culture of violence and revenge: Influenced by their religious belief: believing an eye for an eye, life for life etc.

Sadly, today's most advanced technology and higher education has become almost useless to change this human genome.

The killing of Iranian Major General Soleimani; "the drone attack that killed Soleimani wasn't political assassination but pre-emptive act of self defense".

Question to him: what evidence does he have that Major Soleimani was planning to attack Americans? We hope that Mike Pompeo the supporter of Trump's terrorist act would also provide the evidence to prove their claim.
Although, as usual many of us feel sorry for President Trump due to his old age, as he is going through the rough time of Impeachment and publicly mocked and humiliated by the Comedians that we strongly object.

As such painful humiliation must be extremely painful.Evidently, in case of Iran's retaliation, President Trump's further warning to attack 52 Iranian sites out of revenge of 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago. Black mailing, and crippling economic sanctions are also act of terrorism.

 On the other side of the Coin: It is also wrong to chant: "Death to America".

Why blame whole of America? Blame only the one who did the killing.

This kind of anger is also seen in the dispute between Jews and Palestinians and others. Instead of blaming the aggressor Netanyahu we blame the whole Jewish community. Let us check on what is the Divine authority informs us.