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Covid 19 -Our collective responsibility: Flatten The Curve


Let us all come together in distancing ourselves. We are all in it together and Inshaa Allah – God Willing – We will get through it all together.

“We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race. We all share the same basic values.” Kofi Annan.
Our hearts go out to those directly affected by this global pandemic. And our deepest gratitude is for those tireless professionals working on the front lines to try and keep everyone healthy and safe. Thank you.

Thank you also to the everyday heroes who are reaching out to the vulnerable people in their families and communities with offers of much-needed support.

Lets all come together and make the administration of this pandemic seamless for everyone involved. Those include our government officials, our law enforcement agencies, our healthcare providers, and our emergency responders. Let’s do our part for the greater benefit of our society, both domestic and global. This is the only way we will be able to contain this unseen enemy called COVID-19!

The closer we work together and take this threat seriously the greater the chances that we will avoid the most devastating impacts seen in other parts of the world.
What is the curve? The "curve" researchers are talking about refers to the projected number of people who will contract COVID-19 over a period of time.

The curve takes various shapes depending on the virus’s infection rate. The infection rate for the COVID-19 seventy percent. That means up to 25 million Canadians can be infected with COVID-19. If the virus’s spread is exponential, which is the case in COVID-19, the curve to be very steep – Skyrocketing – therefore, overwhelming the healthcare system that is already operating at its maximum capacity. Such curves rise high also tend to fall, i.e. after all those could be infected, the number of cases begin to fall. Meanwhile such situation rip apart all safeguards that are in place within our healthcare system and we end up with an unmanageable situation like we are witnessing in Italy. A flatter curve means that same number of people will get infected over a longer period of time thus allowing the healthcare system to remain intact and providing same level of coverage to all those affected in more manageable manner.

What exactly does It mean to “Flatten the Curve?” According to Live Science, “In epidemiology, the idea of slowing a virus' spread so that fewer people need to seek treatment at any given time is known as "flattening the curve."

Pharmaceutical responses to disease are vital in eradicating the disease itself, but they take time. Practicing social distancing to flatten the curve can buy that time without overwhelming our coronavirus is one less space for other day to day emergency, such as heart failures or motor vehicle accident, requiring immediate attention. This does not include cancellations of elective surgeries.

“So how do we flatten the curve? That’s where social distancing comes in; it involves avoiding people or places where it’s possible to come in contact with germs by droplets, direct contact or surfaces that are potentially contaminated with the virus. For many, that means working from home and staying in rather than going out to bars or restaurants. But while not everyone can or will be able to do that, public health officials are saying it's our best shot at slowing down the transmission of the virus.” Writes an online journal, The Hill.
There are number of steps we can all take to ensure our contribution to flatten the curve. One of the most important and unnecessary phenomena which we have witnessed over the past several weeks – panic buying – try not to get caught up in it. it is perfectly fine to have some basic goods. Hoarding toilet papers is not going to help anyone avoid being infected with coronavirus. The supply chain for toilet papers is rock solid for those who live in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Three national brands are manufactured right here in New Westminster.
If you know that you have been in contact or in proximity with someone infected with COVID-19. Do not rush to the hospital emergency room. Call 811, and professional healthcare providers can guide you in the right direction.
If you know someone who has been infected with COVID-19. Offer your assistance, such as shopping groceries etc, and leave it on their doorsteps, where they can pick up after you’ve left.
If you have elderly neighbours or friends who are most vulnerable to COVID-19. Offer them to do the shopping for them. Ask friends or families who may be needing your help.
If you believe either you, or someone in your family have been infected with COVID-19, strictly follow the instruction on how to self-isolate yourself from the healthcare providers.
The Government of Canada has made a bold investment, $82 Billion Dollars in financial assistance for the Canadians grappling with COVID-19. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the financial crunch. The measures implemented by the Trudeau government is generous and suffice to address all kinds of scenarios, one can think of to provide financial assistance. Familiarize yourself with the various benefits available to all Canadians. As Finance Minister stated, “My only job is to make sure there is food in your fridge and roof over your head.” Make sure to register and open an account with Government of Canada, or Canada Revenue Agency, if you have not done so already.
With so many unknowns, it’s hard to imagine what’s on the other side of this crisis. What will life be like afterwards? Maybe we’ll feel a greater sense of community. Maybe we’ll know our neighbours a little better and have more resilient networks. Maybe we’ll see the value in slowing down and finding peace in nature, even if that just means listening to the birds outside your window.

Whatever you do, always remember to pray, make duaa, and seek forgiveness from Allah as much as possible, give charity by reaching  out to those in need.
May Allah keep us all safe and healthy and give shifa to those who are sick. Ameen