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Ramadan 2020 is one for the history books


Ramadan 2020 is one for the history books. A Ramadan to remember. A Ramadan our children will be telling their children and grandchildren all about it. Despite all the difficulties, inconveniences, and hardships let us thank Allah for all the blessings. Let us humble ourselves before Allah and acknowledge his majestic powers, that he can halt the entire universe with his one command, and equally he can restore our lives with one simple command – “Be, and it is.”

Yes we may have been heartbroken that we were not able to attend prayers or break our fasts at the mosques. On the positive note we were able to gather and enjoy the breaking of the fast every evening at sunset with our families, our loved ones. We must be grateful to Allah for creating an opportunity to be with our family, our spouses and our children every evening at Iftar time. We must be thankful to Allah for creating an opportunity for us to strengthen our family ties and bonding with our children.

We may have not been able to enjoy the sounds of an Adhaan in the mosque. However, thanks to Allah, we got to witness the best of what the Canadian society had to offer as cities after cities, and municipalities after municipalities eased restrictions on public broadcasting of Adhaan at sunset, marking the breaking of the daily fast during Ramadan.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, became the first city to publicly broadcast the Adhaan at sunset. It was to show Muslim community’s solidarity and to pay tribute to 22 people who were killed in April 18-19 shooting. Shortly after, the rest of the municipal councils across Canada started easing by-laws to permit the public broadcasting of Maghreb Adhaan. “The City of Ottawa has granted a new noise exemption to allow mosques to broadcast a call to prayer at sundown until May 23, in recognition of the holy month of Ramadan.” In a statement on Twitter, Mayor Jim Watson said “I hope this will help our Muslims friends in their observance of this sacred month of devotion and spiritual reflection. Ramadan Mubarak!” We must express our gratitude to Allah for having to reside in a country where religious tolerance and acceptance is utmost importance. A country where our faith is not only welcomed and respected, rather viewed as a powerful force of comfort during these trying times.

As the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” So far, Canada and Canadian Muslims have fared well in their fight against Covid-19. Let us come out stronger as a community, and as a society. We have faith in Allah that this too shall pass, and when it does our community and Canada will come out stronger and better, fully prepared to meet the challenges of the post covid world.

As the restrictions are being eased, we do urge our community members to be vigilant about social distancing, especially when meeting elderly citizens, and people with medical conditions.

This Ramadan has given many people time to reflect and reconnect with Allah. Let us commit ourselves to maintain stronger bond with Allah and built upon what we have already started and be thankful to Allah for creating a much-needed environment to be closer to him.

None can deny that Covid-19 lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. It has allowed individuals to accomplish many things they always wanted to accomplish but never found time to do it. Let us be thankful to Allah for creating an opportunity for us to fulfill things which were always set aside.

As a show of gratitude to our own advertisers, Al-Ameen Post will be offering a rebate of $100 per advertiser on the current Eid edition. This would mean that vast majority of our advertisers will be receiving a free ad. Lets show our support for our Muslim businesses by supporting them with your patronage during these difficult times and help them continue their operation.

We wish all our advertisers, our readers, our contributors, a Happy and Joyeous Eid.


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