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Petition e-1455 to re-open Canadian embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnian-Canadians are asking communities across the country to show their civic support regarding the ongoing petition E1455 currently posted on the official website of the House of Commons of the Canadian Parliament with a request, by the Canadian citizens, to re-open the Canadian Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The embassy was closed in 2009 without any specific reason, and since, has placed Canada to a disadvantaged position, in the opportunity to lead the other ambitious democratic partners in assisting to improve, and mentoring the democratic process in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Balkans region in general. Current political situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina is deteriorating and the citizens of Bosnia are still longing for a solid peace, a decent living, and a prosperous economy. This is where Canada can help, but first, it needs to start by re-establishing its diplomatic office in Sarajevo.

Given some background facts that Canada:

  •  Is the only Executive Member of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) not having its embassy in Sarajevo;
  • Has spent tens of million of Canadian tax payers dollars in over 120 various projects in the region;
  • Has contributed over 40 thousand Canadian service men and women in various missions in the region;
  • Has been welcomed and invited by Bosnian foreign ministry to re-open the Canadian embassy;
  • Has tens of thousands of Canadian citizens with Bosnian origin and ties;
  • Having embassy in Sarajevo would improve business, educational, sport, art and other exchanges between the two countries.

We invite you to sign the petition and pledge your civic support in a democratic exercise, asking Canada to re-open the embassy in Sarajevo and compete in diplomatic endeavours abroad. The petition has already been supported by a number of MPs of various political parties and sponsored by Liberal MP, Bob Bratina of Hamilton, Ontario. Bosnian-Canadian community is counting on your support.

 How to sign?

 Google the word Petition E1455

  • Click on the official petition link ,
  • Fill in the name, phone, email, province and postal code and submit; then, click on the link you receive it to your inbox to validate it;
  • There is no age limit, therefore, even minors with their own personal email address can sign. Encourage you children to sign;
  • You have to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;
  • Your personal details are confidential and are known only to the petition department at the Parliament;
  • Please like the Facebook page e1455 and invite the friends. The Like page will keep you updated;
  • Please share across Canada with your families, friends and colleague, verbally or via social media and by email forwarding. 

 What's Next?

 The petition will be open for signatures until June 8, 2018. After that, Mr. Bob Bratina, MP will present the petitioned request to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The MFA will present it to the Government of Canada, being obliged to respond within 45 days of the receipt. 

 If you have any questions, please contact the petition initiator, br. Adnan Kapidzic at