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CSOFM hosts Seniors Tax Seminar


The Canadian Society of Fiji Muslims with the collaboration of the Ministry of Finance of Public Safety and Solicitor General Direct Access Program Grant held their annual 2018 Free Seniors Tax Seminar at Madinaz Restaurant, 9320, 120th Street, Surrey, BC, on Sunday April 01, 2018 from 11:30-1:00pm.  Over 30 individuals, mostly seniors of many different works of life graced the event with their presence.

Brother Mohammed Yasin, CGA of M. Yasin & Co Inc., did a presentation on Taxation focusing  on off-shore assets and proper disclosure of income during a tax year.   Brother Azam Ali, Treasurer of CSOFM and Managing Director of Westcoast Professional Consulting also did a tax presentation.  He talked about phone calls from scammers pretending to be representatives of CRA.  He told seniors to be vigilant of such calls.

All the attendees enjoyed appetizers followed by a light lunch.

Brother Bob Ibrahim, the recently re-appointed President of CSOFM for the 12th year, whole-heartedly thanked each and every one for their participation and support for the Society.  He also thanked his team for their continued support.

The upcoming events for CSOFM for 2018 are as follows:-
•    Wills and Estate Planning Seminar – April 22
•    Ramadan Food Basket Drive
•    Seniors Picnic in Summer
•    Health Fair

For further information on these events please contact Bob Ibrahim, President, on 604 716 5697 and Fareeda Dean, Secretary, on 778 549 9182.