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Sanctity of the Mimbar must not be violated


In our last editorial we had discussed issues surrounding a disagreement in one of our local Masjid during a Friday Khutbah where police were called in during the Friday khutbah for the removal of Imam from the mimber.

We feel this was an inappropriate action on the part of the board to do so. The board has since issued a statement, explaining the reasons why they were compelled to call the police, along with the audio recording of the khutbah.

The statement reads, “With respect to the issue of the police entering the masjid, we apologise for this. We would like to provide an explanation of how this happened.”

The board’s statement in summary provides background information what lead to board’s decision to call the police.

There was a difference of opinion between the board members and the khateeb who, despite being informed that he was not to deliver the khutbah on April 27th few days prior to Friday. Therefore, based on Masjid policy number 4, “No public announcements, speeches, lectures, etc., permitted at any time unless prior authorization has been granted by the Masjid management board.”

However, the board members realized that the khateeb had arrived early, “about 20 minutes before the scheduled khutbah time,” and they felt that there might be some disturbances which may arise. Therefore, “the police were called to ensure there was no trouble during the khutbah and the problem could be diffused before the Khutbah began.” The khateeb took to the mimber fifteen minutes before the schedule time, and by the time police had arrived, the khutbah had already commenced.

Alameen Post is not privy to the contents of disagreement which lead to the board’s decision to request the khateeb not to give the khutbah. However, we were provided with the audio recording of the khutbah where it was clear that the khateeb was encouraging the congregation to rise up and seek the removal of the board.

In retrospect, we believe that there are certainly outstanding issues which the board needs to address with the congregation, and seek a peaceful resolution to all outstanding grievances. At the same time, we believe that a mimber is place to give advice (naseeha) in light of Quran, and Hadith, and not a place to be utilized for political arm twisting. If the khateeb and other brothers have any concerns that are not being addressed, then there are other avenues and mediums available to bring those concerns to the people, mimber is certainly not!

There was noting in the khutbah which could not have been conveyed to people by other means. It could have certainly prevented the police entering the mosque during a Friday khutbah. It takes two to tango.

We can only hope and pray as the blessed month of Ramadan descents upon us that the two parties will find a way to resolve their outstanding issues in an amicable and peaceful manner.

As the blessed month is upon us. Let us all focus on what is important, our Ibadah. The rest can wait.

Ramadan is an excellent time not only to discover the beauty of Islam within our own selves but also to demonstrate it to others, especially our non- Muslim friends and neighbours. It is an excellent time to engage in some Dawah work and highlight the importance and the benefits of fasting.

It is a time for us to show our generosity by giving charity and sharing with others. We should utilize to share things with our neighbours and friends, regardless of their faith or belief. It opens an avenue for further discussions later.

We should also encourage our children to fast and teach them the importance of fasting and giving in Ramadan. We know it is difficult during these long summer days. However, it is the best time for them to get used to it, and prepare them for the future.

There are millions of Muslims suffering around the globe. We should take time out to reflect upon their suffering, find means to alleviate their sufferings, through charity. The least we could do is to remember them in our prayers, asking Allah to ease their suffering and have mercy upon them.

It is a time to reconcile our differences may it be within our own families, with our relatives, friends and forgive others, and seek forgiveness from others and Allah.

At the end we would like to wish everyone, our readers, our advertisers, our contributors, family and friends a joyful month of Ramadan, and may Allah make it the best Ramadan for all Muslims (Aameen). We ask everyone to remember us in their prayers.