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Academy of Learning – Richmond Campus; A premier career college in BC


Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) Richmond Campus holds highest recognition from the Ministry of Advanced Education BC with Designation and EQA certificates. Over more than thirty years, AOLCC has contributed tremendously towards skills upgradation and career education in Canada and BC.

Why to choose AOLCC Richmond for your skills and education upgradation?

* If you plan to come to AOLCC Richmond, transportation is not an issue at all. AOLCC Richmond is conveniently located right across Bridgeport Skytrain Station and busses are coming to Bridgeport Skytrain Station from all parts of Vancouver area. If you are driving, we have lots of parking space that is very rare in Richmond.

* We will help you to acquire latest skills and education in your area of interest. Because, AOLCC Richmond has arrangements of fast, thorough and relevant education and training in variety of areas to bridge gap in the career path. We have flexible schedule that perfectly fits into your schedule, Integrated Learning System (ILS), 1-2-1 guidance, and all learning material and text is provided in electronic and printed form as well. AOLCC Richmond will help you with media presentations, hands-on exercises, and competency-based exams.

*We offer more than 40 Diploma and Certificate Program covering variety of education areas include; Accounting & Payroll, Business & Office Administration, Information Technology, Medical Office and Healthcare and many more.

*You can get Student Loan from StudentAid BC, EI funding, WorkSafe BC funding, self-financing or any other source of financing.

*AOLCC is one of the largest career colleges in Canada and was founded as a franchise system in 1987; Academy of Learning® Career College originally specialized in computer and business skills training for adult learners, based on the Integrated Learning™ System - ILS.

*This system is unique to Canada and offers a method of learning whereby course materials and instruction provide an all-encompassing learning experience using multi-sensory learning styles and preferences through student workbooks, media presentations and hands-on exercises. These learning styles are supported by an on-site qualified Campus Learning Coach.

*In more recent years, Academy of Learning Career College adopted “e-learning” technology as an extension of the Integrated Learning System. Students complete course materials presented within a comprehensive Academy Online system. This system incorporates online presentations, tutorials and media that combine with access to instructional materials, simulated labs, exercises, as well as quizzes, review questions, or pre- and post-tests. In this delivery method, students are supported by a qualified Online Instructor or an on-site qualified campus Facilitator.

*AOLCC has continued meeting adult learners’ changing needs by leveraging technology to offer an innovative method of learning – virtual learning. Students have the opportunity to learn and participate in a Virtual Classroom and participate in a live session with their instructor every day. Students also master the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their future careers through online digital media, textbooks, and software programs.

*Over 50 AOLCC campuses, in Canada, have helped students successfully completed over one million training courses. Program offerings have expanded to Diploma-level and Certificate-level programs in the areas of 1) Accounting & Payroll, 2) Business Administration, 3) Community Support Worker, 4) Customer Service, 5) Medical Office Administration, 6) Information Technology, 7) Office Administration, and 8) Web Design.

*New programs and courses are continuously being developed to ensure that students receive current skills that will enable them to be successful in the marketplace, while working to better their lives. Key features of learning model includes; Study full time OR You can study while work, Flexible Timing, You can come to school according to your convenience, You can review material at your home computer, Course-by-course study and payment and you can receive a Diploma or Certificate.

* AOLCC Richmond Campus has following accreditations; Designated College by the PTIB, Ministry of Advanced Education BC, Education Quality Assurance Holder from Ministry of Advanced Education BC, StudentAid BC designated college for student loans, partner of EduCanada – an international Canadian education brand, and Holder of DLI # from IRCC (CIC) and eligible for International Students Program (ISP).  

For detailed programs description and other information, please visit AOLCC Richmond website link given below;

 DLI #: O110096211204    PTIB Designation #: 00165