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Premier John Horgan visits Al Jamia Masjid for Iftar


June 7th -2018 marked a very special moment for Muslims of Vancouver.  On Thursday for the first time a sitting Premier visited a Mosque for iftar with the Muslim Community in BC. Iftar is a practice of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) when muslims break their day long fasting since dawn by eating and drinking at the sunset.

Premier John Horgan visited  Al-Jamia Masjid in Vancouver, which is the first mosque established in B.C. since 1963.  Br. Haroon Khan a trustee of Al-Jamia Masjid said; “The mosque has become a beacon for the Muslim community for many of the tourist and travellers that visit Vancouver.”

Premier John Horgan was welcomed at the mosque by long time Vancouver residents who were part of the Mosque since the 6o’s like Br. Ihsan Malik and Br. Jamil Chaudhry.

Br Shaukat Khan President of Pakistan Canada Association was glad to welcome the premier at the Al-Jamia Masjid.

The Consul General of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Tariq said, “This occasion brings us all together and BC is a hallmark of diversity.” 

Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer expressed her appreciation of being welcome by the mosque.

Premier Horgan in his remarks said; “It is a thrill for me to break the fast in this holy month with you. Our diversity in BC is a source of our strength. We have so much to share from each other. I am so humbled to share the moment with you. We are working hard to be an inclusive government; we are working to establish the human rights tribunal so that when intolerance does show its head we will, as a community say no.  You have our full support. We have your full support. We will continue to work together to make our community stronger and be the envy of Canada by taking the opportunity to being open, generous, charitable and by being open and loving to our neighbours.”



At the call of Adhan- Muslim call to prayer the Premier joined the congregation by breaking the day long fast with a date and falooda- a milk drink served with Rooh Afza syrup which is a common drink at iftar tables.

The Premier also took part in the Maghreb-sunset prayers.

After the prayers, the premier enjoyed a delicious meal with the congregation

The premier was very delighted to be there and said, “I look forward to come back again and again.”