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Eid Mubarak ! VP Media, Public Relations, Political Liaison and Communications of BCMA


"He is the One God ; the Creator , the Initiator , the Designer and the Master of all worlds . To Him belong the most beautiful names . Glorifying Him is everything in the heavens and the earth . He is the Almighty , most wise . "  the Quran [ 59:24 ]


Alhamdulillah , the blessed month of Ramadan dawned upon us , we prayed , we fasted and we persevered. It is certainly hoped that we have raised our level of Taqwa during the blessed month of Ramadan and have become a better person as a result . May Allah Almighty shower our life with happiness , our heart with love , our soul with spirituality and our mind with wisdom . Ameen !


It was during this blessed month , we witness the demise of two stalwarts and Past Presidents of The B.C. Muslim Association namely Brs ; Tawfeik Husein and Ahmed Saad 


May Allah Almighty grant them the best place in jannah and their efforts in this life become the beacon of hope for this Deen and the next generation .


We are amidst the festive celebration of Eid Ul Fitr . We have witnessed the public, coming out in big numbers to partake in Eid Salah and celebrations . Richmond Branch went to the limits of grandeur and splendour of celebrations involving people of all age groups including a eventful day for all children . Spectacular sight indeed. We hope to see other Branches following this magnificent show as displayed by Richmond . In Sha Allah ! 


We have limited the scope of this News Letter to Eid Celebrations and festivities. we hope , you will find this Eid Issue  interesting , flavorful , filled with lot of memories and exciting times . 


 In closing my thoughts , let me make this supplication to Allah Almighty , to please bring us joy , happiness, peace and prosperity on this blessed occasion of Eid Ul Fitr to the universe . 


In every shared smile , in every silent prayer , in every opportunity that comes your way , May Allah Almighty bless you immensely.


Wishing you and your family Eid Mubarak!