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Canadian Confusion of Human Rights'


Saudi Arabia imposed sanction on Canada, after Canadian Gov. criticized Saudi Arabia for violation of Human Rights.

Unbelievable! Did we catch the American virus of dictatorship and disrespect of others?

Criticizing and meddling in such country that is number one law abiding of the Divine law of ethics and moral values, and their remarkable Divinely based religious commitments cannot be overlooked and portray it as violation of human rights.

Such opposition proves our own lack of understanding of Scriptural religion and its ethics and moral values. 

It is a sad situation-blown out of proportion. Mainly based on emotional issue of alleged 'violation of Human Rights'.

Such are the Dajjali-anti-Christ anti-Islam tactics. I myself have experienced such malice hatred of Islam, Muslims and the Quran when I converted to Islam.

Badawi and his wife are fake Muslims-anti-Islam like I was not long ago: they have insulted and abused Islam and its practices in the name of wrong claim of human rights violation.
Mentioned in the news paper articles: & letter by Mr. Yasser Khan in Al-Ameen: Mrs. Badawi provoking islamophobia: saying:
 "as a refugee in Quebec and Canada I have noticed the far growth of Islamist groups loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Saudi Clergy imposing the Burqa and enforcing Niqab on girls and women as political flags to mark jihadi territory".

"It is for this reason that on the first day as a Canadian I have raised the issue of banning the Burqa and Niqab in Ontario as I feel Premier Ford is a man who will listen to my plea and end the war by deception being waged by Islamists Canadian values".

Such malicious hateful demands from the ignorant one, asking to persecute Muslim women for practicing their religious rights is not Canadian value.

I don't think P. M. Trudeau is aware of the true story of Badawi's Islamophobia, so he can't be blamed for the 'war' of ignorance.

He should just realize the facts of true reason for the punishment and accept that criminals-hate mongers.  I hope Saudis would calm down and reduce the Sanctions. No need to impose sanctions of such huge Volume.

We the Muslims and Christians don't want the separation as we are intertwined religiously and share the same Scriptural laws and are 'One community' including our brethren Jewish people and Bani Israel..

Let us ignore the fake Muslims and not fall for their evil tactics of creating fight to separate us.

Let us pray for the best and calm down as we are Canadians the 'peace makers'.