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Re: "Updated Terminology Used in the 2018 Security Report: A Welcome Relief for the Muslim Community", May 3, 2019, Al-Ameen Post


Since December 2018 when the federal government's Public Report on the Terrorist Threat in Canada was first released, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) launched a campaign of sustained advocacy with the federal government concerning the problematic elements and language contained in the report regarding Muslims. Over several months, the NCCM's professional staff in Ottawa directly engaged senior government officials, including Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, about how this report was inaccurate and misleading by both downplaying the security threat from right-wing extremists and using loaded and problematic terms that conflate the Canadian Muslim community with the threat of terrorism. And the NCCM's advocacy made a huge difference. MP Omar Alghabra recently acknowledged the key role that NCCM played in lobbying the government to cease using stigmatizing language about Muslims in public reports. 


We welcome the government's revisions to the report, however, our work is far from done. The NCCM is the only full-time, professional advocacy organization working to protect the rights and freedoms of Canadian Muslims, and this Ramadan we urge B.C. Muslims to help strengthen this vital institution for Canadian Muslims. This is a federal election year and with the rise of violent Islamophobia and far-right extremist groups the challenges ahead are great for Canadian Muslims. Learn more about the NCCM's advocacy for you & your family at and join our mailing list to stay in the know!