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Brutal suppression of Ahwazi People in Iran


Following the United States airstrike that eliminated the controversial Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) ‘Quds Force’ commander General Qassem Soleimani, Rahim Hamid & Aaron Eitan Meyer from Dur Untash Studies centre claims the Iranian regime erected billboards glorifying Soleimani across Iran to coincide with three days of mourning.

In the southwestern region of Ahwaz, where Ahwazi population has been terrorised, persecuted and killed for decades by Soleimani’s thugs for demanding freedom and human rights, the locals  expressed their opinion of the glorification of the mass killer by setting fire to it, leaving the billboard burning.

They state, “Since Friday, Ahwaz has been witnessing wide-ranging pressure campaigns imposed by Iranian security services against Ahwazi activists and pundits known for their integrity and passion for the just Ahwazi cause.

The campaign is aimed at activists, freedom fighters, pundits and columnists, who are facing immense pressure by security forces for standing up to Iranian terrorism and criminal policies within Ahwaz, and throughout the region and the world. Iranian security services are exerting this pressure directly upon Ahwazi activists and their families, asking those families to show up at police stations in order to force them to attend Soleimani’s funeral.”

Just few weeks back , On December 15, A 45-year-old Ahwazi citizen by the name of Ghasem Bawi has committed suicide due to the torture he endured during his arrest by the Iranian authorities, the Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation (AHRO) sources reported.  
Bawi was among 2,500 Arab citizens arrested following the nationwide anti-government protests in November and about 70 to 100 Ahwazi protesters have been killed by security forces and the IRGC.

Rahim & Aaron claim to “Security services threatened Ahwazi activists, and poets with facing if they skip the funeral, and also threatened to terminate their employment and deprive them of any ability to provide for their families if they don’t follow the orders given to them by security forces.”

Rahim & Aaron pointed out that one Ahwazi is asking, ““How many of these so-called activists took to the street to oppose Iranian terrorism, violence, mass killings and hangings!? How many of you took to the streets to call on the Ayatollahs to end the violence and killing of innocent Kurds, Ahwazis, Baluchis and others? Soleimani is responsible for death and destruction across Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Iran! These regime sympathisers are a threat to all of us who fled because of the Ayatollahs’ violence, racism and sexism!”