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Appeal for Kidney Donor


Brothers and sisters, we often write to share our most happy and memorable moments with one another, yet we seldom write in times of sadness and when we’re in need of help.

My mom, Yashmin Firoza Khan, has been suffering from kidney failure for the past 10 years. She’s 56 years old. She’s a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a grandma and the list goes on. She’s been amazing at each of the roles life has blessed her with. She’s selfless, caring, kind and compassionate. She’s devoted her life to caring for her children and those around her. She now needs our help.

My mom is now at the point where a kidney transplant is her best medical treatment. Unfortunately, her children and spouse are not a match; but we know we are not alone. We are reaching out to our network of family, friends, acquaintances and broader community to try and find someone that will be willing to donate their kidney.

Through this process, I have learned that almost anyone can be a kidney donor. Donors must be in good physical and emotional health and be at least 19 years of age. I have also learned that it’s possible for kidney donors to live a normal and healthy life with just one kidney. Donors don’t have to be a relative or be an exact blood match in order to donate. They are carefully screened to make sure it is safe for them to donate and it is all done privately.
I understand living organ donation is a true act of altruism. It takes a very selfless soul to come forward and help my family in such a way; however, I am hopeful that there is someone out there that is a match for my mom. She has yet to give up and neither will my family and I until we find the kidney she needs.

Please contact the donor nurse coordinator at St. Paul’s hospital at 604-806-9027 or 1-877-922-9822. You can mention you are interested in living donation for Yashmin Firoza Khan. All information is private and confidential and any potential donor can make the choice to back away from the process at any point.

Please feel free to speak to any member of my immediate family (604-779-7863), visit our Facebook page (, and/or visit the BC Transplant website (
I understand donation is a very personal decision and I do not want anyone to feel pressured into doing so. I do ask you to please however get the word out in case you may know someone else that may be interested.