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Property tax relief for at least the next three years


In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic in BC and around the world, the Canadian federal government has reduced the interest rate twice to accommodate individuals and businesses. No one has mentioned Property Tax which will be due July 2, 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic will hopefully settle down by the end of this year, but the effects will remain on the economy for years to come. I would like to see Property tax relief for at least the next three years. Mr. Malcolm Brodie, the mayor of Richmond, likes to state that the tax is calculated on the mill rate. Households and businesses, small or large, need a 15% reduction for the next three years. After three years, hopefully the economy will bounce back. I request everyone to contact their city and provincial officials to act now before property taxes are due.

Who is going to suffer? Middle class households, low income families, small businesses and small wage earners, not big executives earning large salaries.

The Province needs to take this issue extremely seriously to prevent undue hardship on individuals. Individuals must be protected and not the coffers of the cities.
Property tax is the largest burden on individuals.

Mahmood Awan,
10271 Freshwater Drive Richmond, BC, V7E 4H6