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Your Vote is a Trust – NOT CHARITY!


Your vote is your right. Your vote is your responsibility. Your vote is your obligation. Your vote is your opportunity. Your vote is your voice. Your vote is a trust. Your vote is not a charity!

Elections are neither a popularity contest, nor it is a contest based on race, religion, colour, creed, gender, etc, of the candidate. It is a contest to elect the best candidate based on their credentials, qualifications, experience, their history of service within the greater Canadian society, and as minority, their history of service, attachment, commitment and their relationship with our community. 

When we gently surrender our right to vote simply based on race, religion, colour, creed, and gender of the candidate rather than their credentials, their history, relationship and past commitment towards us. It is racism, it is discrimination, and we lose our ability to combat racism and discrimination when we have been guilty of just that. Therefore, our vote should not be given away as charity based on race, religion, colour, creed and gender of the candidate.

Your vote is your right. the Greek origin word demokratia (democracy) is a composition of two words; demos ‘people’ and kratos ‘rule’ is a form of government in which people have the authority to choose their governing legislation. Who people are and how the authority is shared among them are the core fundamental issues of a democratic theory, development and constitution. Cornerstones include freedom of speech, inclusiveness and equality, membership, consent, voting rights, right to life, and minority rights. 

The two types of democracy are direct and representative – parliamentary and presidential democracy. In direct democracy people directly deliberate and decide on the legislation. In representative democracy, people elect their representatives to deliberate and decide on the legislation. There is also a third type, known as the liquid democracy which is a combination of direct and representative legislation. 

In Canada we have the British parliamentary system where people directly deliberate on the legislation.  Therefore, every few years in various elections, we have an opportunity to choose a candidate who will ultimately become our voice in the provincial legislature, federal parliament, or local municipal council. This opportunity cannot be used frivolously. We have a responsibility, an obligation to elect the best candidates out of all the candidates. It is a trust we must take seriously. It is a trust that is not simply limited to us. It is a trust we have from our children and great grandchildren because the decisions made today by these lawmakers will have lasting impacts for future generations. Therefore, it must not be taken lightly or ignored conveniently. 

We have a responsibility to ensure that the candidate we elect and the party that candidate represents will be beneficial to us, our family, our community and our Canadian society because the decisions taken by that individual, once elected could have lasting impact on us and our future generations. 

We have an obligation to elect the right individual. An individual possessing the right credentials, qualifications, and experience. 

We have an obligation to ensure that our choice of candidate belongs to the party which values our interests and can be associated with the values we hold.  In addition, we have an obligation to research history and past performances is something we can associate with our current values and future expectations. 

We have an obligation not just limit the benefit of one candidate over the other based on our individual benefits. We need to look at the collective benefit and interests of our community as a minority in this country as well as the collective interests of the Canadian society and our contribution to it through exercising our right to vote. 

On October 24th, 2020 we once again have an opportunity to have our voices be heard – individually and collectively as a community – by ensuring to elect a candidate who will become our voice in the provincial legislature. Do not waste this opportunity by frivolously giving away your vote without doing your due diligence to safeguard our present and our future interests – both individual and collective interests.  

Your vote is a trust – use it wisely!

On October 24th, 2020 go out and VOTE!