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Ramadhan 2021: The 2nd pandemic back to back Ramadhan


As we progress in the first week of Ramadhan 2021, we are still gripped and lockdown due to Covid19 pandemic. Not much has changed since last Ramadhan as we have now become accustom to the demands of keeping our lives subject to the mercy of the Virus. This is a global pandemic which no one had predicted or imagined to last this long. 

Inshaa Allah when this is all over we will have a closer relationship with Allah, with nature, and with everyone around us.

This Ramadhan we are again reminded that nothing happens without the will of Allah, and if Allah has placed us all in this situation it is Allah and Allah alone who can get us all out of it. If we turn to Allah with all sincerity and seek forgiveness from Allah for our shortcomings surely he will come to our aid. 

Allah has availed us a golden opportunity to reconnect with him and re-establish our relationship with Allah. It is our only way out of this calamity. Look at it from a positive prism and thank Allah for the golden and amazing opportunity he has created for us during the blessed month of Ramadan. Where we will have all the time at our avail without having to worry about the rat race and devote our undivided attention to re-establishing our relationship with Allah.

We must have faith in Allah that he will guide us and protect us from all harm Inshaa Allah. 

Over the past year we have learnt to conduct our lives over internet through social media tools whether it be work, school, education, funeral memorials, Bayan, Duas etc. there are still certain obligations and practices that need our personal attention such our offering our prayers, paying the zakat, looking after the destitute and among others inviting guests for meals during Ramadhan and outside of Ramadhan. 

We have learnt to circumvent some of this through the means that are available to us. Mosques are giving out iftar meals either by dropping off to those who are less fortunate or thru pick up services at the mosques keeping the covid rules in mind. 

We are indeed grateful to Restaurants that offer iftar food packs and allowing us the opportunity to order extra iftar packs for our family and friends. The services offered by Br Ikram from Lahori Sweets & Restaurant offer awesome Iftar Combos for all of us. Many of the restaurants will also distribute these meals! Br. Qasim from Karakoram Restaurant has arranged to distribute iftar meals through dedicated volunteers. Br Abdul Raouf from Hot Pan Pizza and Br Adeel from Chicken are regularly providing meals to the destitute through out the year. Richmond Jamea Masjid like other Masajids will be distributing Iftar Meal Boxes to brothers and sisters in need. We are fortunate to have a giving community in these tough times. 

Our Donations and Zakat can now be offered online to many masjids and organizations. The B.C. Muslim Association Surrey East Branch and many other Masajids will be accepting your Zakat Sadaqah, Fitra and Masjid donations everyday at a dedicated time. 

So let us endure this Ramadhan in the Pandemic by giving our best with patience.

Lastly not the least Our hearts go out to those directly affected by this global pandemic. And our deepest gratitude is for those tireless professionals working on the front lines to try and keep everyone healthy and safe. Thank you.

Thank you also to the everyday heroes who are reaching out to the vulnerable people in their families and communities with offers of much-needed support.

Lets all come together and make the administration of this pandemic seamless for everyone involved. Those include our government officials, our law enforcement agencies, our healthcare providers, and our emergency responders. Let’s do our part for the greater benefit of our society, both domestic and global. This is the only way we will be able to contain this unseen enemy called COVID-19!

As the restrictions are being eased, we do urge our community members to be vigilant about social distancing, especially when meeting elderly citizens, and people with medical conditions.

Whatever you do, always remember to pray, make duaa, and seek forgiveness from Allah as much as possible, give charity by reaching out to those in need. 

May Allah keep us all safe and healthy and give shifa to those who are sick. Ameen