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More than $400,000 of sanitizer, wipes donated


The Brantford Muslim Association arranged a donation of sanitizer and wipes worth more $400,000.

The bulk of the donation, about 100 skids, were delivered to the Brant Community Healthcare System, which operates Brantford General Hospital and the Willett urgent-care centre in Paris.

“We don’t have money,” Abu Norman Tarek, imam and director of religious affairs with the Muslim Association of Brantford, said Friday. “So, we depend on donors and our willingness to support the hospital through those donors.”

He said about $35,000 in products also were delivered to the Brantford food bank and $10,000 in products to Six Nations of the Grand River, where they will be distributed to the community’s food bank, fire and police departments and community living groups.

Partnering with the Islamic Circle of North American (ICNA) Canada and Fusion Products, a Cambridge company that specializes in public health products, including personal protective equipment, the skids of product made their way to the Brantford area after ICNA told Tarek there was a surplus.

Tarek began “knocking on doors” to see where the thousands of wipes and sanitizer containers would do the most good.

“We still have skids so we reached out to Cambridge and Guelph food banks and the Daily Bread program and Fusion is delivering. We still have 20 skids left so I’m still knocking on doors.”

Tarek and Shaukat Hussain, executive director of ICNA Relief Canada, who was at BGH to mark the donation, said giving is a critical part of the Muslim faith.

“We believe we are all children of Adam and Eve and all part of humanity,” said Hussain. “We have different faiths but we all work together in a time of disaster.”

For David McNeil, president and CEO of the BCHS, the donation is much needed.

“We’re going through lots of hand sanitizer and wipes,” McNeil said.

“Hospitals were always meticulous about cleaning, but COVID has sent it through the roof, along with the costs of supplies.”

Fusion owner and CEO Randy Nobes said the donation is just part of what the company plans for the rest of the year.

“They didn’t have to twist our arms. We reached out to them,” he said.

Tarek said the donation is part of a commitment the Muslim association made several years ago to help the hospital.

In 2017, a pledge was made to donate $25,000 to BGH over five years.  Donations of $5,000 a year were made with support of ICNA Relief Canada. In March 2020, again with ICNA Relief Canada, $50,000 was donated to buy a ventilator in response to COVID-19.

“We encourage people to do whatever they can… to help the hospital,” said Tarek.