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Family of a 21-year-old Delhi Police officer gang raped and mutilated with over 50 stabs Demand #justiceforRabia


Protestors in India are calling for #JusticeforRabia, a 21-year-old Delhi Police Defence officer gang raped and mutilated with over 50 stabs and cuts. The barbarism displayed by the miscreants is one of the worst forms with her where her private parts were cut and her breasts cut off. 

Inna lilahi wa inna ilaihi Rajioon

The hashtag #justiceforsabiya #justiceforRabia is trending on social media since the local police and media has been completely mute over the horrendous act. 

The Protestors are now calling for a CBI Inquiry as recorded phone conversations have come out which suggests co workers a female and a senior police officer was involved or has some involvement in the act. 

The protestors said they were not allowed to protest about her case and they are demanding a fast track case to give justice to the case. 

Rabia started her service 4 months ago. According to her family she was allegedly raped and brutally murdered on 26th August in Sangam Vihar, Delhi. The woman’s body was found with stabs on her mouth, her body was mutilated and her breasts cut off.

The victim’s body was found by Faridabad police, who handed it over to the family after its postmortem. The medical report is yet to come out.

The family has also accused two of the victim’s colleagues who they allege are on the run and untraceable to be involved in the heinous crime.

When the family approached Sangam Vihar police station to file the complaint against the duo, the police refused to accept and register their complaint.

The family has been protesting outside their house over the week in Sangam Vihar. 

Indian Politician Asaduddin Owaisi shared his feelings on Twitter handle, “ Prayers with Rabiya’s family. Criminals must get strictest punishment. Her family also deserves to know how/why she was killed.”

 MIM Delhi Pres @KaleemulHafeez  has been with her family since day 1. Rabiya worked for Delhi govt, she deserves better than tokenism.” He ended the twit with a hashtag demanding #JusticeForRabiya

Indian Muslims are deeply terrified about the treatment they get from Indian Justice system. Sayed Mohammad Arman Hussain writes, “I’m not that shocked why our National Media are silent on this issue as It does not require rocket science to understand that these mainstream media rarely speak when there is injustice/ crime against Muslims in our country.”

Indian Congress party leader and Waynad MP Rahul Gandhi had earlier said, “India is known as the rape capital of the world.”

"You have seen the increase in violence across the country. Lawlessness, atrocities against women. Everyday we read about a girl getting raped and molested. Violence against minority communities and Dalits is also increasing," Gandhi had stated. 

He further had stated, "The reason for the increasing lawlessness is the breakdown of the institutional structures. It is because the man who is running the country believes in violence and indiscriminate use of power," Gandhi alleged.


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST