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Meet Imtiaz Popat - Your Green party candidate for Vancouver Granville


Imtiaz Popat is a Therapeutic Counsellor who is currently working in public health with the South Asian Health Institute (SAHI) which is a part of Fraser Health. He believes that our mental wellness and the wellness of the planet are interconnected.

Imtiaz has been a proponent for global justice and is a firm believer in the Global Greens Charter. He is a cofounder of The Coalition Against Bigotry – Pacific and the Community Based Anti Hate Task Force. He has been an advocate for ecological and social justice. He believes that ecological justice is social justice.

Imtiaz has organized protests against racism and bigotry, advocated for LGBT rights and animal welfare and protested against LNG and the Site C Dam as he argues that the building of the Site C Dam and pipelines are a form of racist colonization of Indigenous homelands. He has also been advocating for the homeless, police reform, street safety and better public transit including fuel cell trams and streetcars. He has been a longtime proponent for proportional representation and has worked on many electoral reform campaigns at the local, provincial and federal level.

Imtiaz issued the following statement on the threat received by the Langley Islamic Centre, "We have had a violent threat against the Langley Islaimic Centre, but where are the political leaders on this issue," asks Imtiaz Popat, Green Party Candidate for Vancouver Granville. 

"We had a Muslim family killed and Muslim contiue to be attacked across Canada, but hate crimes are not an election issue," says Popat. 

"We have over 300 hate groups in Canada and only the Proud Boy, from Eastern Canada have been put in the terrorist list," says Popat. "We have many other groups including the KKK and the Soldiers of Odin that are opperationing in the Fraser Valley,"says Popat. "But they are not on the Terrorist list". "The Anti-Terror Act was designed to target Muslim,"says Popat. "It is inherently an Islamophobic law." 

"The National Council of Muslim Canadians have asked for stronger anti-hate laws," says Popat. "But where is the political response,"says Popat "Why isn't any political leader talking about this" says Popat

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Article Source: ALAMEENPOST