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The United Nations has once again proven itself to be the lap puppy for the bastion of the Western Colonial System. Turning the blind eye to the hypocrisy and double standards demonstrated arrogantly by all leading global institutions under western control: Media, Politics, Sports, Businesses, to pressure Russia to withdraw from its military advancement in Ukraine. Meanwhile, remaining tone-deaf – thumbing its nose – to the plight of the third world, from poor African nations to war ravaged Middle East, to those living under colonial occupation for decades – Kashmir to Palestine!

War cannot be condoned as it inflicts pain and injuries upon the most vulnerable in any society. However, human sufferings can neither be justified nor can it be “selective.” Violence in any form and shape, against anyone, injures us all, and our deafening silence on such crucial matters injures our conscious. The longer we remain silence the filthier our conscious becomes to the point of no return, where we lose the ability to differentiate between right and wrong – between truth and lies. This is when we are no longer considered as human. This is when WE lose our humanity. 

Russia-Ukraine War and the hypocrisy and double standards shown by western politicians and leading western institutions epitomizes the fact that collectively, especially those of us living in the West – WE have not only lost our moral compass. WE HAVE LOST OUR HUMANITY! 

Aeschylus, a Greek writer, some 2500 years ago said, “In war, truth is the first casualty.” 

A Chinese General, Sun Tzu, around the same time (544 BC) wrote in his book, The Art of War, “All warfare is based on deception.” 

2500 years have elapsed, yet WE humans have not progressed. When it comes to war, our collective progress as humanity stands still, our thought process, our abilities to process information remains archaic, as we continue to believe lies and fall victims to the deceptive tactics being employed by the warmongers amongst us. 

Currently, nowhere it is more evident than the current military and territorial conflict between Russia and Ukraine or should we say EUkraine – a victim of fabricated war imposed upon Ukrainians by the EU and US with their unkept promises. Where both, EU and US are now desperately trying to spin a global propaganda to redeem themselves. In doing so the west has exposed their hypocrisy, double-standard, deeply-seeded racism, and the colonial mindset – racial superiority, intolerance, bigotry, exceptionalism, violence, aggression – that reign overall. 

Since February 24 the world has witnessed how the western media and western leaders started building a narrative of how this war was different than the other. 

Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) issued a statement in February highlighting the double standards in reporting of the human rights crisis as a result of the Russian invasion. 

On Feb. 26, during a CBS News segment, correspondent Charlie D’Agata commented: “But this isn't a place, with all due respect, like Iraq or Afghanistan, that has seen conflict raging for decades. This is a relatively civilized, relatively European — I have to choose those words carefully, too — city, one where you wouldn’t expect that, or hope that it’s going to happen.”

Daniel Hannan, of The Telegraph wrote: “They seem so like us. That is what makes it so shocking. War is no longer something visited upon impoverished and remote populations. It can happen to


Suddenly it was ok to go to war from foreign countries to fight for Ukraine.

Shahina Siddiqui of Islamic Social Services Association of Manitoba stated to CBC, "If it was a young Muslim man, Canadian of Syrian descent, or Iraqi descent, or Afghani, [who] said, 'I want to go and fight for my country because the Americans have occupied it,' or whatever — would that be given that positive light? Or would it be, 'Oh, he's going to go join the terrorists?”

Not only did we witness the double standards in reporting we saw that in Sports organization changing their tunes to allow taking a stand with Ukraine at sports venues. 

FIFA has ordered Russia to play matches without its flag and anthem at neutral venues, warning the country could be excluded from competitions if the situation in Ukraine does not improve.

Liverpool supporters sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ as they and Chelsea fans rose to their feet to applaud in tribute to those suffering during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In addition, the International Olympic Committee has urged all sporting organisations to relocate their events from Russia.

But the same rules did not apply to Britain. “For example, Britain was in an illegal occupation of Iraq when it was awarded [in 2005] the London Olympics.” James Corbett, senior correspondent with football finance website Off The Pitch said. 

Mohammed Aboutrika, the former Captain of the Egyptian National Football Team, was censured by FIFA in 2009 for merely displaying a shirt that read, in both Arabic and English, “Sympathize with Gaza”. For that supposedly egregious act, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) – a branch of FIFA – warned him against “mixing politics with sports”.

Within hours of announcement by sports organizations support for Ukraine, Many human rights activists highlighted the issue of western hypocrisy in the case of the Israeli military occupation of Palestine by apartheid Israel.

Similar hypocrisy and double standards are on displayed by racist refugee policies being adapted by western nations to facilitate Ukrainian refugees fleeing war compared to their policies for the rest of the humanity trying to escape war inflicted upon them by the west, including Canada. 

Canada sent a clear message that all refugees escaping war are equal – except some refugees are more equal than others. For instance, if you’re an Afghan refugee stuck in Ukraine awaiting IRCC to process your papers, you must wait. However, if you’re a Ukrainian citizen who wish to flee from the war, Canada will do whatever it takes to bring you securely out of Ukraine with multiple expedited options available to you. 

Poland’s government in the past had resisted EU quotas to take in asylum-seekers from Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea. From the start of the Ukraine, Warsaw rolled out the welcome mat for Ukrainians. 

Within hours of the start of the Russian military operations. Almost immediately, an unprecedented wave of boycotts and sanctions of everything Russian, including music, art, theater, literature and, of course, sports, kicked in. What took the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa decades to achieve was carried out against Russia in a matter of hours and days.

Being able to be treated with respect, dignity, and importantly equality is a fundamental human right. Something we as a humanity have collectively failed to understand and accept. All of us deserve better. Treat others as you would like to be treated, we’ve all heard it but hardly practice. Let us all strive for a just and humane global society. 


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST