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Fiji Islamic Centre held their 25th year silver jubilee anniversary


To mark the 25 years of services to the community Fiji Islamic Centre held their  silver jubilee event in Surrey to celebrate their past and set a course for the future in a very splendid way.

First and foremost Fiji Islamic Centre has been a pillar in the community in providing much needed services in the city of Surrey and vicinity to many Muslims.

Over 600 people gathered to share their remarkable achievement and kudos to the anniversary planning committee for putting up a fantastic program.

The guest list included MP Hon Sukh Dhaliwal, MLA Jinny Simms, The BOT, Director’s of IMAC, the sisters of IMAC Zanana Chapter, Executives of Various Organizations among others.

Importantly the event acknowledged all the past officials and esteemed volunteers who were instrumental in keeping the organization together and continue providing the essential services needed in the community.

The program started after Asr prayers with Quran tilawat by Qari Muhammad Amin – Imam of FIC followed by welcome address by the chair of the organizing committee Br. Mohammed Salim.

Naat was recited by Saad Salis, Salis Rasool and Chachi Hajjan Zeenat Munaf.

Mohammed Imraz called on the IMAC President Aseem Aktar to deliver his remarks followed by  appreciation speeches by MP Hon Sukh Dhaliwal, MLA Jinny Simms.

Other Guests who spoke at the event included Dr Shereena Khan, Mufti Amir Hussain Chishti of Masjid Riyad Ul Jannah, Imam of FIC Qari Muhammad Amin, The President of BCMA Haji Asad Gundal.

After the speeches Br M. Yasin announced a new Charity number for the organization.

Before Dinner appreciation plaques were distributed to all the past and current members listed below the President’s address to the audience.


President’s address



All praises to Allah SWT and salutations to our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.



A very warm welcome to every one of you in joining us tonight to our Silver Jubilee, I thank all of you for your precious time for tonight’s celebration. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our sponsors for your generosity without which this beautiful event would not have been possible. Your sponsorship made us able to cater this event.

The management committee of International Muslim Academy of Canada with the advice and guidance of our Late Imam Hazratul Maulana Abdul Lateef Naumani Rahimtullah Allahi had planned to host this event last year on our 25th Anniversary date. Due to the COVID restrictions, sudden ill health and passing away of our beloved Imam we were not able to host this event any earlier. We are still in shock and greatly sudden on losing an icon of the community. Indeed, it is a loss that we are unable to come to terms with and the loss that is ir-replaceable. Marhoom Hazratul Maulana Abdul Lateef Naumani Rahimtullah Allahi was the reason IMAC was incepted. May Allah SWT forgive his shortfalls and grant him the highest place in Jannah and give sabr to his wife, his children, families and to the community.

Upon arriving from FIJI with his family to BC in 1994, Marhoom M.A.L.Naumani RA started working with the Muslims of BC mostly with the Fijian and Pakistani Muslims. In summer of 1996, a meeting of the Milad & Daras Committee of BC was called at Renfrew Recreation Center in Vancouver. In that meeting the old committee was dissolved and new society named as Sunni Muslim Academy of Canada. The new executives were elected under the Presidentship of Br. Jamal Azad. Chacha Haji Ramzan Khan was elected V.P. Br Salim Khan was elected as G. Sec and I was elected as the Treasurer. Br Salim Khan is not well and is in hospital. Let’s pray for his good health and fast recovery. May Allah SWT bless BR Salim Khan with best of his health and long life. The new society was registered in Victoria as a religious and charitable organization.

The activities of Sunni Muslim Academy of Canada started to roll and within few months we were able to increase membership and recruit our brothers and sisters from other communities. Due to the increase in activities of IMAC and patronage of its members, a need of a masjid or an Islamic Center arose. A search was started to look for a property where we could start our daily prayers and all our Islamic activities. In October of 1996 the current strata units of Fiji Islamic Center were found by Br Mohammed Salim Khan and Jamal Azad with a help of Royal LePage Reality. It was a Thursday evening on 10th of October when a meeting was called at the office of Br Ben Azad at Coast Building Supplies to make an initial offer to purchase the property. It was Br Jamal Azad, Br M.Salim Khan, Chacha Haji Ramzan Khan, Marhoom Mahmood Ali, Haji Ben Azad and I, who made the initial deposit of $5000 to purchase Fiji Islamic Center strata units. The offer was accepted next morning and within a week we were able to raise $60,000 to secure the purchase. Br Zamal Azad and Chacha Haji Ramzan Khan are within us tonight and will confirm that two groups of us were out every night in homes of our families and friend to raise that $60,000 that was needed. Every night we would come back with cash and tally with receipts at my place, so deposits were done next morning.

While we were in process of collecting funds, on the advice of our legal advisor late Aziz Khakhi, it was collectively decided to change our societies name to IMAC. It was a true blessing of Allah SWT that on Wednesday, 06 November 1996, International Muslim Academy of Canada was registered as society by Society’s Act of BC and the purchase agreement of Fiji Islamic Center starta units were completed. On 8th of November 1996, we were able to offer our first Jumah Salah at the building after a night of cleaning and Fiji Islamic Center was named.

Tonight’s event is only to appreciate and honor all those behind the huge success of International Muslim Academy of Canada. In last 25 years a lot of you have worked hard and helped shaped IMAC to where its is today. May Allah SWT accept your contributions and reward you in abundance. Fiji Islamic Center has a name in the society, and it is through the vision of founders and all you. Without you IMAC would not have been so successful. In our recent accomplishments we were able to support other charities in BC and over the globe. In a recent cyclone

in Fiji IMAC was able to help the Fijians with $22,000 that was raised within a week. It was through you all that we were able to do that. BC Children’s Hospital, Muslim Food Bank, Muslim Care Center, Surrey Food Bank, Islamic Relief Canada, We Care Relief Canada whch mostly does relief works in India and Pakistan, Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation, are few many organizations that we work with for charity purposes.

It's a matter of incredible pride to see our organization developing, grasping great value system, and accomplishing more than what we have ever thought of. There is a lot of individuals whom I would need to thank on from the bottom of my heart. Most importantly, our present and ex-directors who have attempted to push this association to the peak of progress. I take pride wholeheartedly in saying that we have the best and remarkable board of directors and sisters of ladies’ chapter with similarly high goals and dreams.

They have neutralized all the changes that happened in these Twenty-Fifth years to make what appeared to be unimaginable, conceivable. Our organization has turned into a sparkling precedent among the leading association in our nation that has produced quality service in the city.

So my companions, by commending this twenty-fifth year of our society, International Muslim Academy of Canada we are praising the achievement of our workers, their spouses, and youngsters who have relinquished fundamentally. I compliment every one of you who has buckled down and trusted that days would acquire some portion of their own well-deserved recognitions.

Trust is the magic that binds the connections, and I realized I had satisfied my guarantee of remaining straightforward with objectives of IMAC. I guarantee to continue endlessly till my term with every one of my guarantees and promises. For me, trust has two sections, one is the capacity serve the growing community, and another is being reliable to other people.

For a fruitful society, it is vital to take both the sides together inseparably. I have the most trustworthy, reliable, and unsurprising BOD who are sufficiently generous to set aside their personal matters. The most ideal approach to get things going is through the profound comprehension of community needs.

Frequently, I have been asked with respect to what is the explanation for the achievement of our organization, and what's its most important quality is, and I generally have only one answer: The hard-working BOD and support of the trustees and the community. To all the current and past directors, I would state that a group can perform best just when it is joined together. I am incredibly pleased with my group, and I can wholeheartedly say that I have the best team.

Before I finish up, I need to state that the street ahead will test, as unusualness will keep on the decision, however, I will keep on rousing all of you to reinforce your capacities to comprehend yourself better.

Last however not the least, and I need to thank my wife and children for the enormous mainstay of help, they have been. Much thanks to you for remaining behind me and help me in the battle against all the chances, thick and meager. I have no words to offer my thanks for your determined help. Your commitment is worth more than jewels for me.

I am thankful & much obliged to all of you for your consideration, and please appreciate the twenty-fifth-anniversary celebration of our organization.

Aseem Akhtar



Appreciation Awardees.



Founding Members.



Jamal Azad

Haji Ramzan Khan

Aseem Akhtar Khan

Mohammed Salim Khan

Mahmood Ali

Marhoom Hazratul Maulana Abdul Lateef Naumani Ra.

Late Haji Kasim Ali

Ben Azad

Haji Mohammed Gani

Late Abdul Munaf Sunny

Late Haji Habib Khan

Wajid Ali

Late Mohammed Ibrahim Mittu


Former Directors



Mohammed Farouk – Treasurer



Umran Ali

Mohammed Nadeem Harun

Mohammed Farook

Mohammed Azmatullah

Mohammed Haneez Khan

Mohammed Ibrahim

Mohammed Irshad

Mohammed Zoheb

Samsher Ali

Shaukat Ali

Mohammed Azim Wahid

Danish Zanif

Kaiyum Dean

Sainaz Rehman

Mahmuda Isak

Shereen Sharif

Afzal Khan

Arif Ali Nazir

Late Aisha Khan

Late Sahidan Hussain

Ismat Noor Lateef

Haji Kasim Ali

Abdul Haq

Abdul Kareem

Asheem Sharif

Farook Khan

Farook Kahirati

Zoheb Ali

Sadiq Hussain

Mohammed Imtiaz Ali

Kamal Sahib

Mohammed Asif

Ferin Yusuf

Shabnam Khan

Haji Yakub Khan

Late Mohammed Hanif

Aiyaz Ali

Mohmmed Asif

Shiekh Meera Sahib

Haji Aiyub Khan

Mohammed Saheed Shafique

Late Haji Mohammed Sabir

Qari Muhammad Amin

Salis Abdul Rasool

Saad Salis





Bob Ibrahim



Aseem Akhtar Khan

Mohammed Salim

Mohammed Jukfekar Khan

Mohammed Imraz

Rahimat Ali

Haji Ashaf Khan

Haji Azad Khan

Akhtar Ali Khan

Rishad Ali

Farhad Akhtar Ali

Hajan Nur Jahan

Hajan Samsun Ibrahim

Hajan Zeenat Munaf

Rukshana Khan

Hamidan Bi

Maimoona Kushnuma

Shamima Hussein

Nasra Sahib

Fazilat Ali

Sarifa Khan

Shera Begum

Samshun Nisha Ali





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