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Guildford Islamic Cultural Center Seniors' Spiritual Retreat


On Tuesday June 21st Guildford Islamic Cultural Center - GICC had an amazing seniors event at harrison's hot springs.

The event was exclusively for seniors aged 55+. We had a private coach bus transport them to harrison hot springs where they enjoyed each other's company and had a professional chef prepare food for them on site. Over 40 seniors attended the event with their spouses.

We also had a public dhur salah at the resort followed by a short reminder by Sh. Sami Sheikh.

The seniors also enjoyed strolling on the beach resort and dipping their feet in the original harrison hot springs. As it was a weekday, the resort was quite empty and provided a great opportunity for the seniors to enjoy the surroundings at their leisure. The seniors provided an overwhelmingly positive feedback and cannot wait for more similar events by GICC in the future.