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Br. Mohamed Saffe Hussain (A Long-Standing Pillar of the Community) Passed Away on June 16, 2022


(January 1, 1928 – June 16, 2022)

 Inna Lillaahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’oun

We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.”

Surah Baraqah Chapter 2; Verse 156

By the grace of Almighty Allah, may this message find you in the best of health and pious Islamic spirit.

On Thursday, June 16, 2022, the community mourned the loss of a pioneer, Br. Mohamed Saffe Hussain of New Westminster, B.C., originally from Georgetown, Guyana, South America. The husband of Late Sr. Hazra Ali Hussain (Marhooma); Father of: Sr. Afzia McKilligan, Sr. Kaniza Ishmail, and Late Br. Asgar Husain (Marhoom) of The Muslim Youth Centre. His sons-in-law: Br. Alex McKilligan, Br. Faheeb Ishmail, and his daughter-in-law: Sr. Zuleika Husain. His 7 grandchildren: Br. Adam Ishmail, Sr. Alia Ishmail, Sr. Nafisah Arjun, Br. Abdullah Husain, Br. Abdul-Kareem Husain, Br. Ali Husain, and Sr. Salma Ameera Husain; and 11 great-grandchildren. In addition, his family around the world from Toronto, Ontario to Guyana, South America. He was dearly beloved by his family and friends.

Br. Saffe or also known as Shaffie was born on January 1, 1928 in British Guiana, South America. His dad, Asgar Ali, came from Sultanpur in UP, India to British Guiana on the ship Sutlej in 1912.  Br. Saffe’s mom, Subratan, came from Moradabad on the same ship. They were hired by the British at a young age to work on the sugar plantations. Over the years, he educated most of us about his parents’ trip from India to British Guiana. Young men and women were paid a small fee to go to British Guiana and were allowed to return to India after 5 years. Most people remained in British Guiana and became businessmen and women.

Br. Saffe was a teenager when World War II started and he was recruited to work at the American base in British Guiana and trained as a Morse Code Operator. He rode his bicycle 25 miles from Georgetown to the air base. After the war, he got a job at the local newspaper and moved up to become the international news sub-editor. He was also a businessman running his store and had several rental buildings. He married Hazra Ali in 1950 and had 3 children. He arrived in Vancouver, B.C., in the early 1980s with his family.

Throughout his life, his dedication to Islamic dawah and service to the community at large was admirable. Br. Saffe was a long-standing member of Richmond Jamia Masjid, attending many Halaqa sessions. He was immensely proud of his son, Br. Asgar Husain (Marhoom) and family for starting The Muslim Youth Centre (MYC) in the year 2000. The Centre is a place for youth and their families to pray, play, and participate in events/activities. He always encouraged and supported the Youth in their endeavours. He enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, conversing with others about their home countries, and watching the Taekwondo sessions at the MYC. His knowledge from his journalistic work gave him great worldwide knowledge and he was up-to-date on the political situation in many countries.

Salat-Al-Janazah (the Islamic Funeral Prayer) was held on Saturday, June 18, 2022, at Masjid Al-Salaam in Burnaby and then proceeded to Victory Memorial Cemetery in South Surrey for the burial. The community attended the funeral service and paid their respects as the last final passage in this life.

The family extends sincere appreciation to the BC Muslim Association Funeral Services; specifically, Br. Mohammed Asin Bakridi (V.P. for Burial) and his son, Br. Mohammed Imraz Asin (Funeral Director). Their dedication and commitment to serving the community is highly commendable. May Allah reward them and their families abundantly.

May Allah (S.W.T.) in His mercy, grant him rest, may his grave be a part of Jannatul Firdaus and an abode of light. May He make his grave spacious, a place of comfort, and light. May his family be at peace, comfort, courage, and be surrounded by love during this time of sorrow. Ameen. 

Compiled by: Salma Ameera Husain (Granddaughter) & Sr. Kaniza Ishmail (Daughter)