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World Refugee Day 2022


No one appreciates the international focus on refugees more than the refugees. 

It is a loud call for the aggressors to stop turning their faces away and acting cool while their hands are covered in blood. Their voices are the loudest and their sympathy is pouring. 

In most instances, they are not the ones on the front lines committing crimes, they deploy others to do the job for them. 

This year, on June 20, we observe, not celebrate, Refugee Day, but unfortunately, the number of global refugees is on the rise. 

We act similar to the Russian Tzar who in a summit with Mennonite leaders who just moved from Germany, invited them to go to the army and fight in defence the country against the enemy.

They explained in response that if all people were like us then there would be no army and no enemy to fight. Those who celebrate the refugee day are in most cases the ones who created the misery of the refugees.

 More than 75 years have passed for the refugees who were chased out of their homes in towns and villages in Palestine to be replaced by Jews from the very countries who today celebrate refugee day. What a hypocrisy.