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MP Sukh Dhaliwal in the race to become the next Mayor of Surrey.


July 18, 2022 –Veteran Surrey MP Sukh Dhaliwal launched his new Surrey Civic party to jon the race to be the next Mayor of Surrey. 

The Five term serving MP announced four other candidates to join with him under the banner of United Surrey. Julie Tapley, former Surrey NDP MP Jasbir Sandhu, Becky Zhou and Jeff Bridge are running for a council seat. Other names will be announced later during the summer.

Dhaliwal said he has ““An excellent talented team”,“I felt that my problem-solving and cooperative approach could make a positive difference”,“We agreed on this name (United Surrey) because as we have talked with it became clear they want change at the city hall and we totally believe that we are stronger together and keeping that in mind, United Surrey is the way to go.”

“We have listened very carefully to those living in every corner of Surrey, and as a result, our party’s intent, approach to representation and policy proposals are designed by the people and for the people,” says Dhaliwal. “Our slate represents diverse experiences and distinct political backgrounds and belief systems, yet we are unified by our shared  commitment to ending division.”

United Surrey is launching its campaign with a four-point action plan, including:

1)    An Immediate One-Year Tax Freeze

2)    A Incremental Rollback of the Land Parcel Tax to Pre-2018 Levels ($100)

3)    The Largest Expansion of Fields and Parks in Surrey’s History

4)    The Shortest Development Permit Approval Times in Metro Vancouver Within Two Years, With an Initial Focus on Rentals

United Surrey will continue to introduce components of its vision for the future of Surrey over the coming months, with a costed full platform to be released during the official campaign period.


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST