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Conservative Party of Canada Centrists Canadian Suburbia Need Not Apply!


Conservatives sent a loud and clear message to Canadians, especially to visible minorities that they are not yet prepared to have a party that would be appealing to mainstream Canadians, centrists, and urban-inclusive. That they are content with appealing to their limited current status-quo – right-wing, white Caucasian male, rural vote bank. Therefore, for now Conservatives have no intention whatsoever to upset their applecart by opening its doors to visible minorities, and especially to welcome Canadian Muslims members from Suburbia, Canada. Let’s face it, The Conservatives have been hijacked by bigot Reformers who are consistently trying to fool Canadians by disguising as “Conservatives” and no one is prepared to fall for it!

The short-sighted and geniuses at the Conservative think tank have yet to realize that it is the Centrists Canadian Suburbia that determines who will form the government in Ottawa and not the limited Conservative vote bank they are so desperately trying to appeal to.

By disqualifying Mr. Patrick Brown from its leadership race, the Conservatives have nailed the last nail in their coffin to permanently establish itself as an official opposition party in the parliament competing against two center-left parties – Liberals and the NDP – in Suburbia Canada for every single vote and be defeated again and again for years to come – Bravo!

Hon. Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada, an avid centrist, and the original leader of the Liberal-Conservative Party of Canada along with Hon. Sir George-Etienne Cartier must be cringing and quivering in their grave today with the current genius’s Conservative decision makers at the helm of present-day Conservatives who decided to disqualify Patrick Brown from its leadership race. 

One must wonder what the hell were the geniuses at Conservative think tanks were thinking when they disqualified Mr. Brown from its leadership race.

Let’s face it, the present-day Conservatives are nothing but a repackaged anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim bunch of bigots mainly from rural Western Canada’s Reform Party of Canada whose rise and conversion from Reform to a disguised Conservatives was authored and engineered by none other than one of the most hated and despised Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper.

Canadians, visible minority or not are not stupid. If these turn-coats Reformers try to fool Canadians disguising as Conservatives, there is no hope whatsoever that they will ever be able to form a government – not even a minority government. This is their fate and their destiny – “Official Opposition.”

Let’s face it, face of Canada has changed over the past few decades. The 905, 604, 403, and 613 belt decides who will be the Prime Minister of Canada.

Repackaged Reformers must realize that eighty-two percent of Canadians population now lives in urban centers – an increase from seventy-six percent in 1972 and growing at a rate of 0.15% annually. That is less than one in five Canadians now live in a rural area. To put it in perspective more than half of Canada’s population in its largest urban center – Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – was born outside of Canada. 

The Conservatives had a golden opportunity to pave the way for a visionary leader, Mr. Brown, to convert the repackaged Reform Party in its current disguised Conservatives appealing only to eighteen percent of the Canadian population into a mainstream Canadian Centrist party that could give Trudeau’s Liberals and Jagmeet Singh’s NDP a run for their money in the next elections and have a shot of forming the next government. They chose otherwise.

Mr. Brown’s disqualification have unearthed the deep-rooted bigoted attitude that reigns the Conservatives think tank.

Everyone knows the Conservatives are going through their third leadership race in past seven years, since the horrendous and historical defeat of Mr. Harper in 2015. They have yet to find a leader who could appeal to the mainstream Canadian suburbia voters without having any reservations against them.

Mr. Brown presented himself to the bigot Reformers as a knight in shining armour who can change the dynamics for them moving forward.

Mr. Brown has the pulse of Suburbia Canada Voters and has proven himself as someone who could be trusted to safeguard their interests and address their reservations against the bigot Reformers. A very well-liked former mayor of one of the most multi-cultural cities in Canada, Brampton, and as former Ontario Conservative leader had all the credential and attributes to appeal to give repackaged Reformers a chance to form a government at Federal level. He criss-crossed the country, signed up members to clinch the top posts, by visiting Mosques, Gurdwaras, Temples and Synagogues and his message was resonating.

Conservatives’ membership has grown 2.5 times to 675,000 members because of its current leadership race. In February 2022, when the caucus ousted Mr. Erin O’Toole, it had 160,000 members. The phenomenal increase in Conservative membership could be attributed to Mr. Brown and his pitch of selling Conservatives to traditional Liberal-NDP voters was simple and it was resonating with the Canadians of visible minorities who also wish to see a strong federal party that can provide alternative to Trudeau’s Liberals and Singh’s NDP – The more the merrier!

Mr. Brown’s promises were simple, An apology to the Tamil community, improving cricket infrastructure and putting a visa office in Kathmandu.”

He met the members of the Muslim community members in Vancouver, and seventeen minutes of it was live streamed on Facebook.

“My path to victory is not winning the party membership,” he says. “My path to victory is bringing new people in and having a decent level of support within the party.”

He says his team has a large campaign in the Sikh, Muslim, Tamil, and Chinese communities “that have all felt mistreated by the party.”

Brown says: “If we pull this off, this is part of Canadian history.”

It seems as if this is precisely where the Reformers became very uncomfortable – welcoming the non-traditional members i.e., visible minorities and Muslims within the fold of the repackaged and disguised Conservative fold.

Mr. Brown should have seen this “political assassination” coming. This is not the first time he has tried to knock some sense into Conservative mindset. He tried this unsuccessfully with Ontario Conservatives and met with similar outcast. Others within the Conservatives fold at a provincial level in Ontario has tried to appeal to visible minorities and have been shot down and outcasted by the Conservatives which seem to have a history of spitting out leaders who tried to steer the party to the political centre. It happened to Tim Hudak, John Tory, and now Brown.


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST