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Women come together to inspire and connect at VMW's Ringleaders Conference


On October 15, Voices of Muslim Women invited all women for a day of learning from powerful, driven, industry leaders at the Ringleaders Conference. The Conference titled "Women in Money" was a sold-out event held at the beautiful Hycroft Manor in Vancouver 

The event began with a warm welcome from Aisha Amijee, founder and Board President of VMW. Aisha spoke about the journey of the organization from an idea to now a registered charity and thanked everyone for their support by attending events and building the sisterhood of professional women. She highlighted that Voices of Muslim Women is one of the few charities that have an all-Muslim women Board and Executive team.

She then invited Misbah Naseer, the new Executive Director of VMW to say a few words. Misbah noted that one can easily find numerous women in history and contemporary times who were successful entrpreneurs and businesswomen including Khadija R.A., wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Misbah thanked the VMW executive team and support staff and all the volunteers as well as the event sponsors who made the event possible. She then introduced the panel of powerhouse women for a discussion panel. Panelists included Shaina Azada, CEO of Suva Beauty, Sidra Subzwari, co-founder of Pacific Realestate, Muna Albashiri, content creator and entrepreneur and Bushra Ahsan, founder of SWB Freights Inc., Awan Transport LLC, and Can AM Transport and President of Pakistan-Western Canada Trade Council.

The panel was moderated by Fatima Rasheed, VMW Programs Coordinator who asked questions about establishing a business, ensuring financial security,building resilience and  leveraging social media. All panelists shared their authentic experiences and offered great advice. The panel discussed was followed by individual workshops offered by the panelists on different topics.  The venue was buzzing with positive energy as women from all fields came together to learn and build each other up. The smiles on everyone's faces and the engaging conversations proved that many bonds of sisterhood were made and renewed at this conference leaving all participants feeling connected and inspired.