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On Thursday December 22nd , during the frigid BC weather condition, Alhamdullilah, the BCMA burial volunteers were able to successfully undertake 4 Janaza’s in a single day from Surrey/Delta  Jamea Mosque. A great milestone achievement, considering the chilly weather condition at -10 at times, the team has worked under.   

In the past, the most Janaza was done 1 or 2in a day, depends on how fast the responses from cemeteries were. Nevertheless, on Thursday, the volunteer team stepped-up to accommodate as many as they could, considering the bad whether ahead for them for days, and just before the holiday season settles in, which may dissuade responses from the cemeteries during the holiday season to further digging of graves.

The Muslim decree requires the deceased to be buried asap after the persons death, however, the law of the land could at times dictate otherwise, depends on the release of deceased body from coroner and response from the cemeteries. 

The extra ordinary step taken last Thursday was not an easy one as their day started around 6am on a very cold morning. 

With continuous coordination between all the party’s involving family’s and cemetery authorities  Alhamdulillah the team was able to conduct Janaza and burial for 4 brothers and sisters as follows;  

As per the account of volunteers, the first female deceased Sis Fahima Nausi, of a Somalian ethnicity was purified, shrouded by the women chapter volunteers of the Surrey Delta Masjid at around 11am, and was taken to Chilliwack cemetery for burial at 1pm. 

Meanwhile, the male volunteers at the Mosque received the body of second deceased Br Al Karad, originally from Syria. After preparation, he was buried at Bakerview Memorial cemetery in Langley around 2.30pm. Meanwhile, the Ghusul crew started the preparation on the third deceased Dr Bhatt, a long-time cardiologist at the Surrey Memorial Hospital, originally from Pakistan, burial taking place at the Victory Memorial cemetery in White Rock, BC around 2.30 with a different set of crews. 

The final deceased Br Majid originally from Africa, was prepared and buried at the Bakerview with the first set of crews. 

By the time they got to cemetery it was around 4.30pm dark, they had to use the lights from the Backhoe tractor to guide them to bury the deceased.

Funeral brings in lots of emotions, and coordinating with the family’s of the deceased and cemeteries can be quite challenging and stressful at times, but with the guidance from Almighty Allah and with the help from volunteers that one day was completed successfully, however, it’s not the end of it, there are many more to come and more volunteers from the community are required to step-up from various Mosques to be engaged.

Due to volunteers’ involvement, the cost of Burial under BCMA is way below in comparison to many traditional funeral homes who are purely in funeral businesses.   

The BCMA funeral volunteers comprised of both Brothers and Sisters.

Thursady, Janaza’s were presided by Imam Mouadh  and administered by BCMA President  Asad Gondal and Burial VP Br Mumtaz Ali.  

May Allah reward these brothers and sisters for their time and effort.