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Surrey donates almost $40,000 in ICNA Relief Canada’s Fundraiser for humanitarian causes


ICNA Relief Canada organized Fundraising Iftar / dinner for the Turkiye & Syria Earthquake Relief and Pakistan Flood Relief. The event held at Reflections Banquet Hall & Convention Center in Surrey on Sunday, March 26, 2023 attracted 300 participants who donated almost $40,000. Renowned scholar Sh Daood Butt, Director Islamic Center Milton, Ontario and Taha Mao, Director Domestic Programs, ICNA Relief Canada were keynote speakers. The program started with a beautiful recitation, by Br Furqan  Memon. Sheikh Daood Butt talked about the plight and suffering from earthquakes and floods in Turkiye, Syria, and Pakistan. He urged the participants to earn the pleasure of Allah swt in the holy month of Ramadan and to generously donate for humanitarian causes. He admired ICNA Relief for extending support to the suffering humanity through its volunteers effectively on ground. Sheikh Daood said that we should put ourselves in the shoes of those undergoing through hardship to get the feeling and motivation to help them and should show compassion and empathy, instead of mere sympathy. He emphasized the Orphan Sponsorship program and said that by spending $720 per annum, or $60 per month you can take care of an orphan. 

Director Domestic Programs, Taha Mao briefed about ICNA Relief programs and services spanning 22 countries since 1997. ICNA Relief served more people and communities than ever before disbursing an amount of $22,857,810 in relief and humanitarian efforts. Spent $833500 on deserving 11241 families comprising of 44250 individuals through its 11 food banks across Canada and served 5000 hot meals to the homeless. Helped settle 92 refugee families in Canada so far. Provided $84000 to zakat-deserving. Donated quarter million dollars to three hospitals. ICNA Relief’s Orphan sponsorship program helped over 6000 orphan children who received support of about $2.5 million in 13 countries. Almost $500,000 was distributed in 14 countries before last Eid-ul-Fitr. Spent $160,000 for healthcare projects in India and Syria. Spent over $1.25 million in response to disaster and emergency relief. Disbursed over $131,000 and served over 400,000 people with fresh meat. Spent about $500,000 ensuring quality education for tens of thousands of children. During 2021, management expenses were only 4.22%, while fundraising expenses were only 4.01%. More than 91.77% of donations were directly spent on programs and deserving people.

Ghulam Mustafa Sajid, Regional VP, ICNA, urged the participants to donate for the ICNA Resource Center Surrey Project. President ICNA Vancouver, Br Abdullah Javed also addressed the event. Donations can still be made online at OR by sending an e-transfer to VANCOUVER@ICNACANADA.CA.