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Pierre Poilievre Will AXE Trudeau's Second Carbon Tax and Bring Home Lower Prices


The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party and the Official Opposition, announced he will fight against Justin Trudeau’s second carbon tax which will cost the average Canadian household $573 more a year, and as much as an average of $1157 annually depending on the province you live in.

The newly released report by the Parliamentary Budget Office also revealed that with the Liberals’ new carbon tax will add 17 cents to every litre of gas you use, making it more expensive to put fuel in your car and heat your home. That’s on top of Trudeau’s first carbon tax, meaning that average households will now pay about $2,000 more than they get back in rebates.

At a time when a record number of Canadians are using food banks, raising the price of gasoline, heating, and groceries shows Trudeau is out of touch with ordinary Canadians. A common sense Conservative government led by Pierre Poilievre will eliminate both of Trudeau’s costly carbon taxes and bring home lower prices for Canadians.


While speaking with reporters today, Mr. Poilievre stated:


“My common sense plan to bring home lower prices will axe the carbon tax, and the second carbon tax to lower gas prices 61 cents a litre below what people will pay under Trudeau and the NDP. We’ll also cut income tax, so people bring home more of each dollar they earn.”


You can find a key clip from Mr. Poilievre’s remarks here: CLIP


Additionally, the entire press conference can be viewed here: VIDEO