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More than Thirty MPs call for ceasefire in Israel-Palestinian war including four from BC


Oct 20,2023

More than 30 MPs have written a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding that Canada join the growing international call for an immediate ceasefire. calling on him to advocate for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The cross-party letter states;

As Members of Parliament and as Canadians, we have a duty to be the voice of our constituents in Ottawa. And they, like all of us, have been watching with worry and with horror the events unfolding in Israel and in Gaza.

We condemn the killing of innocent Israeli civilians in the attacks of October 7th by the terrorist group Hamas. Violence and acts of terror are never the way to lasting peace and justice. We call for the release of all hostages.

Canada has long been a voice for peace. The longer this conflict goes on, the more innocent civilians will pay with their lives. We demand that Canada join the growing international call for an immediate ceasefire. Canada must act before more innocent children are killed.

We further call on Canada to do all in its power to facilitate the opening of a humanitarian corridor so that badly needed humanitarian aid supplies can reach the innocent Palestinian people. The humanitarian situation in Gaza is a crisis worsening by the hour. They are out of food, water and medical supplies. Assistance is needed now.

Finally, we call on Canada to strongly stand up for international law. International law is clear that innocent civilians and all those not taking part in the fighting must on no account be attacked and must be spared and protected. Canada must remind all parties to this conflict of their responsibilities in this regard.

Canada must recognize that, for generations, the Palestinian people have suffered under occupation. Canada must reaffirm its commitment to a free Palestinian state living peacefully alongside a free Israeli state and do all it can to bring the parties to the negotiating table.

Prime Minister, the people of Canada are looking to you and their government to be a voice for peace and for the protection of innocent lives. They want Canada to once again answer the world's call for courageous moral leadership in a time of war and despair, as generations of Canadians have answered that call throughout our nation's history.


Among them are four MPs from BC. One from the Green party, One from the Liberal and two NDP MPs.

Elizabeth May, MP, Saanich—Gulf Islands

Patrick Weiler MP, West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country

Don Davies MP, Vancouver Kingsway

Peter Julian MP, New Westminster—Burnaby

"We're in a situation where without a ceasefire I don't see how international law can be respected," said Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in an interview with CBC. "But that doesn't mean we're telling Israel it can't defend itself. Far from it."

Liberal MP Salma Zahid — who helped organize the letter said: "The longer this conflict goes on, [the] more innocent civilians will pay with their lives," she told host David Cochrane in an interview on CBC News Network's Power & Politics.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh called for a ceasefire on Monday during a take-note debate in the House of Commons. He reiterated his position during a press conference on Friday.

"The only way forward, to save lives, is to see a peaceful resolution. War will only result in more death and more destruction," Singh said.

No Conservative or Bloc Québécois MP signed the letter. During Monday's debate in the House, Conservative Michael Chong said Canada "should resist" calls for a ceasefire until Hamas is "eliminated."


The MPs are as follows

Omar Alghabra MP, Mississauga Centre

Niki Ashton MP, Churchill—Keewatinook Aski Shaun Chen

Shaun Chen MP, Scarborough North Michael Coteau

Michael Coteau MP, Don Valley East

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith MP, Beaches-East York

Matthew Green MP, Hamilton Centre 

Arielle Kayabaga MP, London West 

Trek Kusmierczyk MP, Windsor—Tecumseh

Elizabeth May MP, Saanich—Gulf Islands

Jennifer O'Connell MP, Pickering—Uxbridge

Jean Yip MP, Scarborough-Agincourt 

Rene Arseneault MP, Mad awaska—Restigouche

Shafqat Ali MP, Brampton Centre

Alexandre Boulerice MP, Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie 

George Chahal MP, Calgary Skyview

Don Davies MP, Vancouver Kingsway

Leah Gazan MP, Winnipeg Centre

Gard Johns MP, Courtenay Alberni

lqra Khalid MP, Mississauga-Erin Mills

Joel Lightbound MP, Louis-Hebert

Mike Morrice MP. Kitchener Centre

Patrick Weiler MP, West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country

Salma Zahid MP, Scarborough Centre

Chandra Arya MP, Nepean

Tony Van Bynen MP, Newmarket-Aurora

Paul Chiang MP, Markham-Unionville

Lena Diab MP, Halifax West

lqwinder Gaheer MP, Mississauga-Malton

Peter Julian MP, New Westminster—Burnaby

Adam van Koeverden MP, Milton

Lindsay Mathyssen MP, London—Fanshawe

Yasir Naqvi MP, Ottawa Centre

Sameer Zuberi MP, Pierrefonds—Dollard