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Is Canada Complicit in War Crimes by Supporting Israel Army?



A video has surfaced on social media where Canadian Armed forces spokesperson is giving an interview on chartered flights carried on by Canadian military on the request of the Israeli Govt. The video was shared on October 20th on X formerly twitter.  

The transcripts is reproduced below. 

Yesterday, 12 October, 2 Canadian armed forces flights transported, as Julie noted, 236 passengers from Bengurin airport into Athens, Greece. Today we expect similar numbers. Canadian Armed Forces has two planned flights which will also include the transportation of approximately 30 Israeli citizens returning to Tel Aviv at the request of the State of Israel.

Today's first flight left Athens just afternoon with 19 Israeli passengers on board plus a contingent into five personnel from Global Affairs, Canada and arrived in Tel Aviv. That first flight has since departed Israel and with approximately 135 passengers and has just landed in Athens in the past hour. That second flight departed Athens in the afternoon local with nine Israeli passengers and has arrived in Israel this afternoon.

And that second flight is either just departing or has just departed in Benghurin as we speak with approximately 125 person on board.

Question form Journalist

Hi. You were mentioning that some of these flights had Israelis who were coming back to Israel. I'm wondering if those were reservists. If there's any information you can provide.

About the individuals who came, I assume from Athens to Israel. And the numbers again, please.


Hey. Thanks, Annie. And just as I said, this was a request from the state of Israel.

So we had flights going inbound today and meeting a request from the state of Israel through Global Affairs Canada.

We've had approximately 30 Israelis heading back. I don't have the details, the information on who they were, but it was requested by the state of Israel, which we got through the Global Affairs Canada.

We certainly. So we had 19 on the first flight inbound and nine Israelis in the second flight returning to Tel Aviv from Athens.

In an another video there is an Israeli Soldier thanking the Canadians for their support in terms of Military gear.

The solider said; “To all our friends in Canada, in Montreal. This is from you while knocking on the body armour he was wearing.

May we? I wish we don't have to use it, but you're taking care of our SS. Thank You Canada, in the background the group of soldiers cheering Thank You Canada.”

The video is available online 


However on the same day the federal Minister of National Defence said Canada is not committing to military support for Israel in its war with Hamas at this time.

"I've just met earlier today with the ambassador from Israel," said defence minister Bill Blair.

"Israel, at this point in time, is not asking Canada for military assistance. We have been working very closely. We have been very strong in our declaration that we understand and support Israel's right to defend itself."