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Launching of the first Accredited Islamic College in Canada


We are thrilled to announce the inauguration of the Canadian Islamic College (CIC). This landmark moment marks the beginning of a transformative journey in Islamic education within Canada. Following the Ministerial approval to start a postgraduate Islamic Institution, The Canadian Islamic College (CIC), we have been working to lay the ground for opening the college in the Fall of 2024.

CIC will offer a unique faith-based multidisciplinary Islamic learning environment. It will be the first Islamic post-secondary institution that is epistemologically based in the Islamic Primary Sources (the Quran and Sunnah), while offering students a robust background in the Islamic seminal works as well as Muslim experiences and manifestations of Islam within a pluralistic society.

Registration will Open in early January 2024

CIC’s program is designed to provide a learning environment and a high-quality education that can be transformative for students as it draws on resources and approaches from a variety of scholarly disciplines in order to prepare students for employment in a wide variety of fields. CIC’s Honours Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies was designed to meet the highest standards of postsecondary education programs. Our application passed the assessment of the Postsecondary Education Quality Assessment Board (PEQAB). The Board has 11 Standards, and each standard has several benchmarks.

1. Degree Level Standard

2. Admission, Promotion and Graduation Standard

3. Program Content Standard

4. Program Delivery Standard

5. Capacity to Deliver Standard

6. Credential Recognition Standard

7. Regulation and Accreditation Standard

8. Nomenclature Standard

9. Internal Quality Assurance and Development Standard

10. Academic Freedom and Integrity Standard

11. Student Protection Standard

Specifically, this was a rigorous assessment that included a review of the program against each of the Board’s Standards and benchmarks, a review of the sufficiency, reliability and validity of the evidence provided in our application. It included a site visit for the campus.

CIC will be able to grant the 4-year Honours Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies with five potential minors. Some of the key features of the program are:

Epistemological Foundation in Islamic Primary Sources (Qur?an and Sunnah)

Honours BA of Arts in Islamic Studies Major with Minors in:

o Islamic Jurisprudence & Chaplaincy

o Islamic Economics & Finance

o Islamic Social & Environmental Justice

o Islamic Arts & Media

o Arabic Language

Solid Grounding in Liberal Arts from an Islamic Perspective

Instruction will be delivered both in-person and online

Preparation for Professions and Academic Fields Aligned with Islamic Values

Muslim Association of Canada

MAC started its journey 25 years ago. Through the investment of our passion, energy and resources, MAC became a community leader by creating vibrant communities, supporting families raising their children and helping youth navigate their individual paths while staying connected to their faith in meaningful and profound ways, and helping newcomers acclimatize with their new home.

Inspired by the imagination of our visionaries, we continue to walk this path with the pursuit to build a strong Muslim community in Canada that is unapologetically Muslim and unreservedly Canadian. As we turn our attention to the horizon of the next 25 years, we are focusing on the future of our community and how to build a more resilient infrastructure that enables its growth and development.  Born from this vision is the establishment of the Canadian Islamic College (CIC).