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The coming Interregnum


Interregnum usually occurs when a world disorder takes place. Meaning the world is flooded by chaos, injustice and oppression. Interregnum is a Sunna of Allah, to interfere and save humanity from falling and to defend the weak, and those who are unable to defend themselves when the worst of people are in charge of world affairs. 

The Muslim Ummah has been a major influence on the world stage for its demographic, landscape, history and ideological standard on the international level. Islam has historically presented a challenge to world empires - which in the past 1300 years was in the favor of both the Muslim nation and the world. This is due to the world being in a state of dire need of the divine and incredibly civilized Islamic tenants. Islams benevolence and Immense contribution was seen and witnessed by many cultures, especially in Europe. – For centuries until the late 1800s. When the western Europeans, instead of crediting Muslims for the renaissance of Europe, came with mighty military for direct invasion and colonialism. with the emerging power of Great Britan – France and Italy, Holland and Spain to annex the already exhausted Ottoman Empire. 

By the early 19th century, most of the Muslim countries were either under invasion or governed by weak rulers. It was not until 1950s where the Middle Eastern countries regained independence after a long a determined resistance and continuous struggles against the colonialist Western regime for over 90 years. However, Western colonists made sure that before they left, they planted a seed called Israel to be their extended arms in the region and aided puppet dictators to govern the region according to the Western political agenda. Since then, these dictators have consistently suppressed any Islamic uprising and extinguished any hope of reform. They endorse corruption and major setbacks in almost all fields of life. Their efforts to protect their countries against threats, especially occupied Palestine were fruitless.  

The placing and support of these vile betrayers had brought about the elimination of Islam from the decision-making processes in Muslim regions. Which has left the world in the hands of callous Western powers for the last 100 years. The absence of Muslim presence on the world stage has led to the suffering of millions of people in the world due to the oppressive international landscape. The illusion of freedom, human rights and imaginary peace and prosperity had been established in the form of the United Nations, Council Resolution, World bank, WHO and all the international institutions only to serve Western interests.

The current war on Gaza since October 7th had unmasked all faces hiding behind slogans of deception. Showing the dark side of Western super powers and their staunch support of Israel’s heinous crimes against humanity and clear breaches of the UN resolutions and the Geneva convention. The recent tentative statement of the ICJ could not hold Israel accountable to its blatant genocide and unlawful occupation of land of Palestine or to a ceasefire. Fortunately, the world is now awakening to the fact that Western values amount to no real values. 

Current disturbing events in Western nations such as; The pushing of the extremist LBTGQIA agenda on society, the hastening of transgenderism on children as young 9 years old, the lack of political policy in favor of families, rising drug epidemic, and soaring inflation has made the public question their governments stance on their unreasonable support to the state of Israel. why billions of tax payer dollars goes to support the killing of innocent children and civilians, and the displacement of millions. Resulting in Western Governments bringing hundreds of thousands of refugees to support them as another from of wasted tax payers’ money.    

One thing that must be made clear is the fact that Western Governments never deviated from the right path, they were never on it, but it took their people time to realize it as Gaza is turning the tide.

The US and its Western allies have been busy waging wars on the Muslims for the last 50 years, which has gained them nothing but giving China the advantage of the world economy. And gave Russia the chance to recoup losses from the cold war, and once again become a threating superpower. At the same time, the Muslim world is gaining momentum by the rekindling of their faith across the globe which will undoubtedly call for Muslim unity. Replacing its current weak leadership with a united front, or at the very least, spark a major revolution.

What makes this imminent and unavoidable is the Sunnah of “Interregnum”, the Quranic reference in 

Sura Al- Imran-140: “We alternate these days ?of victory and defeat? among people”. As well as the assuring hadith of the prophet Mohamed (PBU): “Allah promises to send to my Ummah on the top every hundred years whom will renew and reinstate it’s covenant”, 1924 was the year of the fall of Islamic Caliphate.

The leadership of the world will see a major paradigm shift, and Muslims are the awaited saviours that can reestablish justice and bring back peace in this troubled, unstable world. It’s 2024, and the Interregnum has already started.


Article Source: ALAMEENPOST