iLearn DL Secondary School students raised about $10,000 for the Rohingya

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On Friday December 15th,  iLearn DL Secondary School students organized a fundraiser for the displaced refugees from Rohingya.

Sister Saima Naz Principle said few months ago, an amazing group of kids decided to raise funds for a cause close to their heart and we are proud to support and mentor them to take a leadership role in their lives.

The event was well organized and brought many community members out for the cause.


Sister Fatima from Islamic Relief thanked the organizers and the sponsors and the donors for their support.

Br.  Fawad was amazed to see the level of commitment, teamwork the students displayed in conducting the program. He said, “The level of passion, organization and professionalism displayed was phenomenal. I'd never experienced anything like it.”

Altogether about $10000 was raised and will be handed out to Islamic Relief to deliver the much-needed supplies to the Rohingya refugees.

On Friday February 2nd the Ilearn Students and and their Principal Sister Naz hand delivered a Cheque for $10.000 to Islamic Relief.



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